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Kathmandu University, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, has issued a call for direct employment opportunities for students who have excelled in various programs at affiliated colleges of the university. This initiative is part of the Kathmandu University Employment Promotion Program and aims to offer direct employment to outstanding graduates. The graduates who have topped their respective programs and are eligible for the employment opportunity are listed below:

🎯Jigyasa Pant

🎯Sajju Maharjan

🎯Shreya Khakurel

🎯Harsheeta Shrestha

🎯Saroj Maharjan

Programs they have graduated from:

🏉Bachelor in Development Finance

🏉Bachelor in Development Studies

🏉Bachelor of Social Science

🏉Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)

🏉Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM)

Affiliated Colleges:

🏉 National College

🏉 St. Xavier’s College

🏉 Nepal College

Note that the employment will be fixed-term for a maximum of one year. In case any of the qualified candidates fail to submit their certificates within 7 days or indicate a lack of interest in the position, the next-best applicant will be considered for enrollment.

For further details and to apply for the employment opportunity, interested candidates are requested to contact Dr. Ram Lama, the Coordinator of Academia-Industry Cooperation, KU, via email at

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