• Impact of Covid 19 on GDP Growth Rate

    By Dr. Binay Mishra ( As known, the country scrambles with continued attenuation of cases, began with a single Wuhan returnee student’s case earlier on 23rd January. Lockdown –was imposed country wide on 24rd March, now eased services, open with some restrain from 15th June has now extended till 22nd […]

  • Racism ingrained into the walls of UK universities

    — Tripti Ranabhat (BoSS 1 yr) August 2021 The United Kingdom boasts of its array of elite universities. Universities that date back as early as 1096(Oxford University) have housed remarkable individuals that pioneered the modern world. Leaders that changed the course of humanity and left behind legacies that shall last […]

  • The Contemporary Lilavati

    -Prasiddhi Luitel (BoSS I yr) 2021 The feminism’s trench coat clad, contemporary Lilavati Unbound by astrology, horoscopes, and Janmakundali  Now has other concerns, phenomena that dictate her fate  Like the historical oppression of women, misogyny, and the patriarchy Our Lilavati still heeds to her father Bhaskaracharya’s teachings   But astronomical mathematics […]

  • Menstruation

     Kripa Rasaily (BoSS 1 yr) 2021 Menstruation means cyclic uterine bleeding caused by shedding of progestational endometrium it occurs between menarche and menopause. Menstruation is also known as menses or menstrual period. Periods are probably the most annoying part of being a woman but also a boon. They always start […]

  • English Vinglish

     At the coffee shop  “English language is crucial for a nation’s further development.” He muttered. “No!” I responded instantly, “Do you know how many countries that use the English language in their official websites are from the under-developed category?”  “Well, isn’t that because that’s the only way to compete in […]