The Contemporary Lilavati

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-Prasiddhi Luitel (BoSS I yr) 2021

The feminism’s trench coat clad, contemporary Lilavati

Unbound by astrology, horoscopes, and Janmakundali 

Now has other concerns, phenomena that dictate her fate 

Like the historical oppression of women, misogyny, and the patriarchy

Our Lilavati still heeds to her father Bhaskaracharya’s teachings  

But astronomical mathematics no longer tickle her intellectual fancies

For to change the status quo, she has to learn the system’s intricacies  

And so she is often seen with copies of Zizek, Foucault, and Nietzsche 

Whom she considers her Bhaskaracharya; her primary source of knowledge

In her possibly remarkable journey of unlearning, relearning, and finally, praxis 

“Girl education” means something different to her now 

Because institutionalizing them is not at all what it’s about

It’s about creating awareness, empowerment, learning and so much more 

And realizing that in the end, it’s themselves, whom it’s ultimately for

It’s about unlearning the negativities embedded in your psyche

By the media, by the society, by your very own family 

The gaslighting, the putting on a façade, the internalized misogyny 

It is so much more than just sending girls to school 

And ever so bigger than making them claim their psychosocial tools 

The original Lilavati’s father was a great mathematician 

Who provided her with guidance and gave her the right education 

He tried to make her immortal and wrote a book dedicated to her 

In such a society, at such a time, where he was at risk of being shunned

While Lilavati’s present-day counterpart gets an emotionally distant technician

Albeit, getting an education based on gender was not such a battle at present

Raised with a twisted conservative mindset, she had to reset 

And even though the present-day Lilavati has her fair share of scars 

She wholly stays away from oppression Olympics and Twitter civil wars 

Instead, she spends her time with the likes of Baudrillard, Deleuze, and Guattari

Reading theories and wondering how she can turn them into realities 

Wondering how she can make the world a better place for us to live in 

How she can do something meaningful and significant for humanity 

And after all, what else could be a better education than this?