Screening of Tales of Project “MAYA” at National College

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Screening of Tales of Project “MAYA”

On Friday evening, April 28, 2023, National College hosted the screening of Tales of Project “MAYA,” a short film created by the talented student Shreeti KC and her team.

The event was well-attended by students, faculty, and members of the local community, who were eager to witness the creative and thought-provoking work of one of the college’s own.

Tales of Project “MAYA” follows the journey of a young woman as she navigates the complex social and cultural expectations placed upon her, and explores themes of identity, belonging, and the power of self-expression.

Shreeti’s film received resounding applause and praise from the audience, who were moved by the film’s powerful message and artistic execution.

The screening was a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of National College’s student body, and showcased the important role that young artists and filmmakers play in shaping our collective cultural narrative.

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