National College Felicitation Dinner 2019-2023: A Night of Celebration and Inspiration

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Capturing Elegance and Success: National College’s Felicitation Dinner 2019-2023

An Evening of Gratitude, Recognition, and Shared Memories.

As the clock struck 5 pm on December 16, 2023, Hotel Himalaya in Kupondole transformed into a haven of joy and pride as National College orchestrated a grand felicitation program, honoring the graduates of the 2019-2023 batch. Dr. Badri Dev Pandey, the eminent Chairman of National College, presided over the event, turning it into a spectacle of elegance and success.


A Prelude to Glory:

The ambiance was set as the hall gradually filled with the vibrant energy of students, faculty, college staff, and distinguished guests, including the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honor, and other notable invitees. The program’s prelude included an informal interaction and tea, allowing attendees to engage in warm conversations and build anticipation for the night ahead.

Formal Inauguration:

Chaired by Prof Dr. Badri Dev Pandey, the formal inauguration commenced at 5 pm, with attendees taking their seats. The National Anthem echoed through the hall, symbolizing a collective sense of pride and unity. Mr. Madhav Prasad Neupane, the Principal of National College, extended a heartfelt welcome to the graduates, congratulating them on their remarkable achievements. 

Celebrating Literary Endeavors:

The program reached new heights with the launch of the second edition of ‘Nakshyatra,’ National College’s student-led magazine. The Editorial Team, along with esteemed guests, unveiled a literary masterpiece, showcasing the creativity and talent thriving within the college. 

Valedictory Voices:

The evening gained a personal touch as valedictorian speeches were delivered by the top students from each faculty. Ms. Khushi Hang Tenga Rai (BoSS), Ms. Swastika Shrestha (BDFin), Ms. Bidhya Neupane (BDevS), and Ms. Bini Dahal (BDevS) shared heartfelt reflections, gratitude, and aspirations, creating a poignant connection with the audience.


Honoring Excellence:

The program reached its pinnacle with the presentation of certificates to research grant recipients and the distribution of gold medals and certificates to the most outstanding students. Every graduate received acknowledgment in the form of souvenirs, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

A special video presentation chronicled moments and memories from the graduates’ college journey, serving as a nostalgic reflection on the shared experiences and growth. Dr. Badri Dev Pandey brought the formal part of the event to a close with inspiring closing remarks, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the attendees.


Beyond Formalities:

The event extended beyond formalities as students, faculty, and peers embraced the opportunity to capture cherished moments in photographs. Following these heartfelt interactions, a delectable dinner was served, creating an informal and delightful atmosphere for students to bond with friends and teachers, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

The felicitation program at Hotel Himalaya was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of accomplishments, a testament to resilience, and a shared journey of growth and success. For a visual exploration of this memorable evening, the photo gallery can be accessed here. National College’s Felicitation Dinner 2019-2023 was truly an ode to the triumphs and aspirations of a graduating class destined for greatness.