CONGRATULATONS Toppers for the Semester February-July, 2023 #BoSS

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Celebrating Excellence at National College!

Congratulations to our outstanding students for the Feb-Jul 2023 semester.

Kriti Shrestha, BoSS 3rd Year II Sem with a stellar 3.90 GPA, Pragya Thapa, BoSS 2nd Year II Sem achieving an impressive 3.78 GPA, and Fu Lhamu Sherpa, BoSS 2nd Year I Sem with a remarkable 3.91 GPA.

Your dedication and hard work shine bright!

Admission ongoing for BDevS, BDFin, and BPsych.

For all admission queries, call us at 9801268153.

Join the journey of academic excellence at National College.

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