Club Members at National College

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Dear Students,

We are thrilled to announce the formation of a new club here in our college. The Club’s are established and are now ready to welcome members in following criteria.

Membership CategoryNo of Members
Advisory Board Members3 Members from Different Stream of 3rd & 4th Year
Board Members2 Members with different expertise 
MembersAll the interested candidates

We also like to congratulate all the elected members for taking the position. We wish you’ll bring meaningful contribution to the club’s growth & success

Elected Club Board 

  1. Start-up Club
S. NFull NameContact NumberElected PositionBatch
Samriddhi Sharma9822499640PresidentBDFin 1st Year
Ashutosh Jha9819851839Vice – PresidentBDFin 2nd Year
Aaditya Gautam9840077102General SecretaryBDFin 1st Year
Prerna Paswan9843651889SecretaryBoSS 1st Year
Mohita Karki9866278617TreasurerBDFin 2nd Year

2. Sports Club

S. NFull NameContact NumberElected PositionBatch
Netra Ramtel9862763207President
Dawa Tepa9808174151Vice – PresidentBDevS 1st Year
Anmol Baral9846027004General SecretaryBDevS 1st Year
Aashik Basnet9867950690SecretaryBDfin 1st Year
Shreyas Subedi9803835692TreasurerBDFin 1st Year

3. Art & Literature Club

S. NFull NameContact NumberElected PositionBatch
Anshuda Poudel9815595898PresidentBDevS 2nd Year
Maheen Sardar9762410362Vice-PresidentBDevS 1st Year
Deepak Shah9819613618General SecretaryBoSS 1st Year
Riddhi Gautam9865288986SecretaryBDevS 1st Year
Manjita Bhattarai9804105557TreasurerBDevS 2nd Year

4. Music Club

S. NFull NameContact NumberElected PositionBatch
Shashank Sapkota9861097910PresidentBDEVS 2nd Year
Sanjog Rai9861367569Vice-PresidentBoSS 1st Year
Aarati Gurung9860632376General SecretaryBDEVS 2nd Year
Anshu Jamkatel9847613837SecretaryBDFin 1st Year
Pragya Acharya9818119656TreasurerBDevS 1st Year

                                      Nextgen Youth Organizer Team Announcement

S. NNAMEBatchContact NumberPosition
1.Sukeerti MaskeyBDevS 3rd Year9841208791Event Coordinator
2.Utsav SilwalBDevS 2nd Year9818060733Event Vice Coordinator
3.Diksha ChudalBDevS 2nd Year9808498342Mentor
4.Aesha BajracharyaBoSS 3rd Year9840030593Mentor
5.Sampada SilwalBDevS 3rd Year9845240189Mentor
6.Aarati GurungBDevS 2nd Year9860632376Mentor
7.Aakriti BharatiBDevS 2nd Year9840753088Mentor
8.Samriddhi SharmaBDFIN 1st Year9822499640Co-Mentor
9.Melani ShakyaBDevS 2nd Year9860569724Co-Mentor
10.Chencho LhamBDevS 3rd Year97517727716Co-Mentor
11.Shreeya SitaulaBoSS 1st Year9808772909Co-Mentor
12.Sakshyam BhandariBDFIN 1st Year9810374611Co-Mentor
13.Samiksha AdhikariOrganizer
14.Shanti TamangBDevS 3rd Year9862118801Organizer
15.Sujana ShakyaOrganizer
16.Manjita BhattaraiBDevS 2nd Year9804105557Organizer
17.Aashik BasnetBDFIN 1st Year9867950690Organizer
18.Binamra DahalBDFIN 1st Year9748285565Organizer
19.Aaditya GautamBDFIN 1st Year9840077102Organizer