CO-Mentors Profile of NextGen Youth Fellowship Batch X

I am Aaditya Gautam currently pursuing bachelor in development finance. I describe myself as a fast learner, energetic, enthusiastic person. I am excited to be working with fresh minded people and creating a nicer environment to learn and evolve.

Aaditya Gautam

Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BDFin 2022 Batch

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Ashik Basnet
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BDFin 2022 Batch

Trying new things, meeting new people and learning new things. That’s me in a nutshell.
Like the rest of life-long learners called students, I am also a student looking for opportunities to better myself for a better future. I am confident that I can be of help in fulfilling your aspirations. And I look forward to witnessing and sharing your growth through this fellowship.
We’ll have fun, we’ll learn and come out as better individuals with more experience and a larger network…. That’s my fond hope.
A win-win for us all, isn’t it?

Riddhi Gautam
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BDevS 2022 Batch

I see myself as a dedicated learner on a journey of self-improvement. I believe in challenging oneself and tapping on opportunities while cherishing and living the present moment.

As we embark on this journey, I eagerly anticipate learning, sharing, and growing together.

Dawa Dolma Tepa
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BDevS 2022 Batch

I am driven by discipline, fueled by music, and thrive on meaningful connections. Learning is my passion, and I approach life with curiosity and enthusiasm. Whether I’m delving into a new subject, jamming with fellow musicians, or engaging in heartfelt conversations, I find joy in every opportunity to grow and connect with others. Through balance and continuous growth, I strive to make a positive impact on the world around me, contributing to a brighter future for all.

Sanjog Rai
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BoSS 2022 Batch

Having a keen interest in art, music and literature, I am a person always ready to delve into deep conversations with the agenda of showing empathy and understanding with individuals involved. Keeping in mind that learning is a constant and neverending process, I strive to improve myself and broaden my horizon a little more each day.

As one of the co-mentors for this year’s Next Gen Youth Fellowship, I believe we can all learn from one another and aim to make this fellowship fun as well as fruitful to everyone participating.

Aabriti Rai
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BDevS 2023 Batch

Traveling to new places, meeting new people and understanding their behaviors excite me.
As a Psychology student, I am learning and I understand that individuals should equip themselves with social skills, empathy, adaptability and leadership, which I believe this fellowship will provide. I am Ananta Malla, a Co-Mentor in this program and I can’t wait to welcome you to this fun teaching learning fellowship program.

Ananta Malla
Co-mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X

Student, BPsych 2023 Batch

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