National College Student Society Constitution 2019 

Formulated by: 

____________ 2019 National College Student Society (President) : Pratik Shrestha ____________ 2019 National College Student Society (Vice-President) : Ruchin Khadka ____________ 2019 National College Student Society (General Secretary) : Ayushi Bista ____________ 2019 National College Student Society (Treasurer) : Upama Acharya ____________ Program Coordinator (College Representative) : Mr. Galijang Shampang – BDFin ____________ Program Coordinator (College Representative) : Mr. Binay Mishra – BoSS ____________ Senior Program Coordinator (College Representative) : Mr. Ujjwal Upadhyay – BDevS


The National College Students’ Society has been established with the view of fulfilling the different needs of students studying in National College. The Society will provide reports to the college management and advice to the college management team in relation to student issues. 

Part 1: Name and Commencement 

1.1 Name: The name has been kept as “National College Students’ Society”(NCSS). 

1.2 Commencement: The constitution will be named National College Students’ Society Constitution 2019. This constitution will be put into effect from 11th December 2019. 

Part 2: Subject Matter 

2.1 ‘Constitution’ refers to the Constitution of National College Students’ Society. 2.2 ‘Member’ refers to the member of National College Students’ Society. 2.3 ‘Organization’ refers to National College Students’ Society. 

2.4 ‘Students’ refer to students studying National College, Dhumbarahi. 

Part 3: Purpose 

The purposes of the organization shall be: 

● To create, in cooperation with the Principal, administration, staff and students, a better college environment for the students of National College. 

● To provide students with opportunities for leadership and organizational skills and to develop a sense of ownership in all students. 

● To encourage the students in the college to become more aware of college activities, programs, opportunities and to constructively identify and express their needs. ● To act as liaison where appropriate between the students, teaching staff and management, 

● To assist in college events such as college day, open day, orientation and promotional events, 

● To volunteer to help out staff and/or college management when appropriate, ● To develop a network with the alumni, 

● Address the general needs of the students of National College

Part 4 Membership 

All students enrolled at National College are deemed to be eligible to be members of the Students’ Society. 

To be a member of the National College Students’ Society, the student shall pay the membership fee of Rs 500 for 4 years. 

Call for membership shall be done during the AGM and will continue until the last date of filing of nominations by the candidate. 

Part 5: Executive Body 

The executive body of the National College Students’ Society will be composed of 5 elected members by the members of NCSS which will consist of: 



General Secretary-1 

Deputy General Secretary – 1 


To be elected, students can propose themselves for a position as per the condition of the position. If there is more than one candidate voting will take place. The condition for the positions are: 

● The candidate should be a member of the Students’ Society. 

● The candidates for the executive body in election should have sound moral character and should not have faced any disciplinary actions by the college. 

● The candidates should have been played active roles in activities of college and NCSS in previous year(s), 

● The candidates for the post of President, General Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from 3rd Year during the time of election. 

● The candidates for the post of Vice-President and Deputy General Secretary will be elected from 2nd Year during the time of election. 

Part 6: Election 

● Elections will be democratic and by secret ballot. 

● Only members of Students’ Society will be eligible to cast their vote in Students’ Society election. 

● Each member can cast only one vote. 

● A separate room will be allocated where the ballot will be placed and students will go to the designated room to cast their vote

● An election will be held if there are more than one candidate going forward. If there is only one candidate he/she is deemed elected once he/she has been proposed and seconded by the election committee. 

Part 7: Election Committee 

An Election Committee will be formed in the month of December. Its roles & responsibilities is to conduct election activities including; 

● voters awareness; 

● call for nomination of candidacy; 

● publish list of voters; 

● publish the schedule of election; 

● design/print ballot paper (if required); 

● conduct voting; 

● count the votes & publish the final result. 

The election committee will consist of five members. The nomination of members of the committee will be decided by the college management and the running executive body of National College Students’ Society. 

Part 7: Terms of Office 

● Each tenure will last for a period of one year, from January to December. ● Members of Society must conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the month of December, before opening the call for candidacy. 

Part 8: Clubs 

Any club formed in the college will fall under the jurisdiction of National College Students’ Society. The elected executive members are responsible to ensure the smooth running of all the clubs and must ensure that all clubs stay active and come up with events. Every club holds their own rights on their structure, membership criteria and management. The membership fee (if any) collected by clubs shall be used for its activities and also provided to NCSS . The events from the club will be funded and facilitated by the NCSS in collaboration with college & other sponsors as necessary. There can be multiple clubs as per the need and demand of students with their active participation. 

Part 9: Club Membership 

The membership of any club of NCSS can be taken by fulfilling the following criteria: 

● To be a member of any club of NCSS, the student shall be a member of NCSS. ● The student can be a member of any club as per their interest and ability.

● Student shall register themselves as a club member with Club Coordinator or NCSS vice-president. 

Part 10: Club Coordinators 

The club coordinators are the coordinators of the respective club. The coordinators of the clubs are selected by the respective club members on consensus or by majority of the existing club members. In case of defaulting to select coordinator by the club, NCSS executive body shall appoint a coordinator. 

Part 11: Role of Club Coordinator 

Club Coordinator shall be responsible for proper and effective coordination, management and collaboration of club activities between members of the club and NCSS. The club coordinator shall also be responsible to collect(if needed) membership fee of club members and update the activities to NCSS. The club coordinator shall also be responsible to develop program proposals of the events by club to NCSS. 

Part 12: Duties of the Executive Body 

The following are the respective duties of the executive body: 

1. President 

● Represent the student society at any events and other meetings. 

● Supervise the functioning of the elected student society officers. 

● Develop the agenda for and preside over the meetings of Student society. ● Coordinate the work of committees. 

● Come up with events that would benefit the students 

2. Vice-President 

● Represent the student society at events, and other meetings as requested by the president. 

● Coordinate with Club Coordinators for smooth functioning of clubs 

● Perform duties of acting president on his/her absence. 

3. General Secretary 

● Prepare agendas for meetings. 

● Represent the student society at events, and other meetings as requested by the president. 

● Maintain proper documentation, reports and records of all event

● Relay official notice of Student Society in notice board, facebook pages and groups ● Communicate the information/message of the committee to the students 

4. Deputy General Secretary 

● Prepare and distribute minutes of meetings. 

● Represent the student society at events, and other meetings as requested by the president. ● Establish template draft needed for official documentation 

● Posting announcement in Student Society Facebook page. 

● Communicate the information/message of the committee to the students ● Perform the role of acting General Secretary in his/her absence. 

5. Treasurer 

● Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget. 

● Present the proposed budget to Student society for adoption. 

● Maintain financial records of the student society. 

● Prepare financial reports for meetings of Student society. 

● Coordinate fundraising projects for the student society. 

Part 13: Meetings 

  • A meeting quorum will be of at least three (3) members of the student society. ● Decisions are made by consensus. If not possible by consensus, decision will be made by majority, if there is no majority, the president makes final decision. 
  • Meeting agendas minutes will be provided by the General Secretary; this includes: ○ Preparing agendas and supporting papers 

○ Preparing meeting notes and information. 

○ The date, time and location of meetings. 

Part 14: Account 

● There shall be separate accounts maintained by Treasurer. 

● The accounts shall be timely updated and transparent to all students of National College. 

Part 15: Amendments/Revisions 

Any amendments to this constitution, if needed, may be carried out by the elected executive with consultation of the college management and approved by the following Annual General Meeting.

Part 16: Logo 

The logo of the National College Student’s Society will be as:

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