Course Structure of BPsych

126 Credits over 4 Years, 8 Semesters

I Year, I Semester15Cr I Year, II Semester15Cr
Basic Computer Applications for Psychology [BPSY 105]3Nepali For Psychology [BPSY 152]3
Introductory Psychology I [BPSY 101]3Introductory Psychology II [BPSY 102]3
English for Psychology [BPSY 151]3Social Psychology [BPSY 104]3
Psychology and other Allied Sciences Social Science [BPSY 107]3Foundations of Psychological Research [BPSY 106]3
Cognitive Psychology[BPSY 103]3Basic Communications for Psychology [BPSY 108]3
II Year, I Semester15CrII Year, II Semester15Cr
Life Span Development I [BPSY 201]3Life Span Development II [BPSY 202]3
Abnormal Psychology I [BPSY 203]3Abnormal Psychology II [BPSY 204]3
Applied Social Psychology [BPSY 205]3Gender and Culture [BPSY 206]3
Philosophy and Psychology [BPSY 207]3Critical Thinking and Creativity for Psychology [BPSY 208]3
Statistics for Psychological Researches I [BPSY 209]3Statistics for Psychological Researches II [BPSY 210]3
III Year, I Semester18CrIII Year, II Semester18Cr
Fundamentals and Basic skills of Counseling [BPSY 301]3Qualitative Research Methodology in Psychology [BPSY 302]3
Psychological Measurement and Testing [BPSY 303]3Advanced Computer Application in Psychology [BPSY 304]3
Quantitative Research Methodology in Psychology [BPSY 305]3Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology [BPSY 306]3
Counseling Field Work and Supervision [BPSY 307]3Community Project [BPSY 342]3
Positive Psychology [BPSY 309]3Elective I [BPSY***]3
Tool Testing and Validation [BPSY 341]3Elective II [BPSY***]3
IV Year, I Semester15CrIV Year, II Semester15Cr
Industrial and Organizational Psychology I [BPSY 401]3Policies, Evidences and Trends in Psychology [BPSY 402]3
Project Management in Psychology [BPSY 403]3Multicultural Psychology [BPSY 404]3
Proposal Writing and Defense [BPSY 405]3Industrial and Organizational Psychology II [BPSY 406]3
Internship [BPSY 451]6Project Work [BPSY 408]6

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