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National College, since its beginnings in 1996, has maintained the same education philosophy that some timeless attributes of leadership, skills, intuition, ambition and humility will always be the pillars of developing better human resources.

I take immense pleasure and pride to share with you our joy unbound as National College reaches a very special milestone--25 years of establishment. As for me, personally, it is one of the most cherished moments of my life.

Designed to cater the need for identifying and intervening with the emerging issues and perennial social problems of global phenomenon and Nepalese context ...

BDFin is an interdisciplinary course that combines finance with management, research and development courses.

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) is an internationally recognized and demand driven interdisciplinary academic program ...

Faculties and management staff have adopted various approaches to ensure effective learning strategies including:

KAS SCHOLARSHIPS to study Kathmandu University Undergraduate Programs: Bachelor of Social Sciences- BoSS,  Bachelor in Development Finance -BDFin & Bachelor in Development Studies- BDevS

Field study is a part and parcel of the academic programs of the College.  Each semester, faculties and students conduct field studies in various parts of the country,

The National College students have participated in the Annual South Asian Economics Students’ Meet (SAESM) – also known as ‘mini economic summit’ separately held in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)....

Much emphasis is given to enhance the research skills of the students. Curriculum have been developed accordingly including the research method, and Report and proposal writing courses. Research skills are embedded through Practical field studies very much from the beginning. Beside these students will have to do research project work

In continuation of the annual seminar on building sustainable society since 2013, BDevS batch of 2019 organized this event last time on July 28, 2020 where high-quality research papers focusing

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS)

Programs Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS)


Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) is an internationally recognized and demand driven interdisciplinary academic program dedicated to emphasizing sustainable development and its practices both at urban and rural settings. To create the quality of human resources in the field of development in coming decades—especially in the shadows of COVID-19--to speed up the sustainable economic growth, manage natural resources and create social balance, BDevS program has been the most relevant one in the present context especially to ensure long term inclusive development.


Upon the completion of the BDevS program, graduates will be equipped with the necessary academic and practical knowledge on multidimensionality of livelihood, natural resource management, community development and sustainable development goals (SDGs) along with essential professional skills on various tools like GIS (Geographical Information System), EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), Project Management and Evaluation, Development Research, and Community Mobilization among others.


BDevS graduate will be capable enough to be involved in diverse fields of development sectors ranging from economic development, conservation, impact assessment, social development to resource management. Graduate will emerge as skillful human resource to identify problems, develop policies and plans on burning issues. Graduate can also execute projects and carry out monitoring and evaluation to conduct and materialize ideas into practices ensuring tangible outcomes.

The BDevS graduates from National College have been working in the NGO/ INGOs led development projects, government organizations, donor agencies, corporate sectors, and also as independent researchers along with their self-employed projects. Graduates are qualified for the Masters in Development Studies (MDevS), Masters in Sociology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Human and Natural Resources Management, Regional Planning, International Relations, Development Management, and other socio-economic related interdisciplinary programs including MBA among others.

The BDevs graduates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and practical skills on GIS (Geographical Information System), Environmental Impact Assessment, Project Management and Evaluation, Development Research, and Community Development. They will be graduated as professionals ready to produce results.

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS)

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Ready for what's next