National College Student Society

 Message from the President, National College Student Society

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Everyone is striving for quality education today. But the question is how many of us are lucky enough to get the same? The journey of mine with National College has been so propounding and useful. It’s not just an educational platform but a place where you discover yourself at varied options and opportunities of life. I, as President of the National College Students’ Society (NCSS) has been one of such opportunities to strengthen my extra-curricular activities, leadership qualities, confidence, risk management skills and so on. NCCS has been established with the view of fulfilling the different needs of students studying in National College. The Society will provide reports to the college management and advice college management team regarding student issues. The purposes of the organization shall be creating a better college environment for the students, identifying and expressing their needs, assisting in college events such as college day, open day, orientation and promotional events, volunteering in different activities and developing a network with alumni.  

The current pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone and it’s been equally challenging for our fraternity. The college has provided alternative ways to overcome the difficulties we have been facing and not let our classes discontinue. Now, it’s our responsibility to endure the situation and give back with the best in us. “Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done it’s always your choice.”

Sirjana Thapa
President, NCSS
BDFin  3rd Year

Board Members

Sirjana Thapa

President, NCSS - BDFin 3rd Year

Bibek Paudel

Vice President, NCCS - BDFin 2nd year

Reena Tamang

Treasurer, NCCS - BDFin 3rd Year

Pooja Pandey

General Secretary, NCSS - BDFin 3rd year

Swastika Ghimire

Vice General Secretary, NCSS - BDFin 2ndyear