The entire building along with its premises are fully networked with WIFI facility benefitting the learners. The college has a computer lab with each system installed with the latest multi-user operating system and anti-virus software. Classrooms are well equipped with all advanced IT based services.

National College strives to create digital learning environment for its students by providing them access to best available electronic information to enhance their knowledge and skills. National college believes that students, through the Internet, can effectively gather and learn through various academic sources available during and after classes.

- The Colleges computer lab is well equipped with over 20 branded computers while it provides ample space for students who want to use their personal laptops. A number of specialty software packages for statistical analysis are also installed in the computers and our IT in-charge can also assist students with provision and installation of the other software packages if required.

- Most importantly, the college library also provides access to JSTOR, Research for Life and Proquest database, all remote digital access libraries of academic journals, books and reading materials from highly selective, authentic and top-peer reviewed sources.