Mentors Profile of NextGen Youth Fellowship Batch X


Hi! I am Utsav

I am one of the mentors of the NextGen Youth Fellowship Batch X. I believe that hard work beats talent in the long run.
So, I am looking forward to meet hard working people who wish to be change-makers. If you have any queries about the program, you can reach me anytime.

Utsav Silwal,
Mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X
Student, BDevS 2021

Hello, I’m Praveen Dahal.

I consider myself to be an enthusiastic learner and an attentive listener. Constantly looking for ways to learn and grow. Please get in touch if you want to talk or interact. I’m excited to interact with people who share my interests and discover new possibilities for teamwork and growth.

Praveen Dahal,
Mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X
Student, BoSS 2021

Hello, Nextgen Youth Fellowship participants!

I am Mohita Karki. I describe myself as a nature lover and adventurous person, passionate and dedicated towards self- improvement by adding values in life of people around me.I am thrilled to be your mentor and cheerleader for the fellowship. Let’s embark on this academic adventure together. Looking forward to engage in meaningful discussions and broden my horizon with your diverse perspectives and build genuine connections with you all.

Mohita Karki,
Mentor, NGY 2024, Batch X
Student, BDfin 2021

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