Travel Vlog Competition

  • Travel Vlog Competition

    • 25 Feb 2020
    Travel Vlog Competition

    Travel vlog competition was an initiative by National College whereby students had to create a vlog with theme of sustainable travel. With aim to involve and develop sustainable practices among our students, there were 7 participants who submitted the vlog. From the plain terrains of terai to mystical lakes of rare, students showcased their travel journey on how they contributed along the way towards protecting the planet and environment.

    The criteria set for judging the competition was based on expert’s decision and the social media likes and comments. However, due to COVID 19 crisis, the competition was halted. As of now, we have shared the vlog on National College Facebook page. The winner has not been announced yet. Following are the list of students who have submitted the vlog.

    Arish Kayastha    

    Deekshya Thapa       

    Prabesh Thapaliya       

    Pratibha Pant     

    Ruchin Shrestha        

    Sagar Ayer

    Sirishman Maharjan