Special Edition of Life Talk With Shree Satya Mohan Joshi

  • Special Edition of Life Talk With Shree Satya Mohan Joshi

    • 07 Jul 2019
    Special Edition of Life Talk With Shree Satya Mohan Joshi

    To the generation defined with ephemerality rooted at the very core, Shree Satya Mohan Joshi exuberates in his demeanor and ideologies, a sense of timelessness that can be better felt than described. The centurion, with his most recent appearance at National College’s talk series “Life Talk”, talks about his inspirations, achievements, and all written and unwritten parts of history in-between.
    The show headlined “Life Talk with Satya Mohan Joshi” was held on 25thMarch, 2019 at Madanjeet Memorial Hall, National College. Starting off with a gracious welcome from students and a formal introduction by the program interviewer Dr Ukesh Raj Bhuju, the audience were treated to a little anecdote from the very beginning, on how Shree Satya Mohan Joshi would like to be referred to as. His answer, “call me anything you like, grandfather, or dai(elder brother)” not only was acknowledged as a great show-starter but also gave the audience a little insight on how young he perceived himself to be.
    One of the program highlights that really stood out were his nihilistic principles of life; Nihimism. He explains how dreams and reality both are intertwined to exist and end at nothingness and that finding absolute truth would point to the nihility of existence itself. As an example, he talks about the cycle of human life which begins from nothing, growing into a unicellular being to an embryo to an infant and adult who inevitably dies and reduces to nothing once again. The discussions of super abstract continue throughout the program, but in a lighter scale as more focus is given on the world and Shree Satya Mohan Joshi’s experiences.
    The other major highlight of the program comes from one of his stories from his time he worked in Dhankuta as a supervisor for the project leading to Nepal’s first census. He talks about how he was referred to as “hakim-sahab”for majority of the time by the locals until he heard some young school children recite his poem “ban ma harayeko bakhri”. After having a brief conversation with then, they then realize him to be the creative author/writer behind majority of loved works of literature (poems, stories, etc.) they read during their school-life and then showered him with love and respect for the remainder of his tenure. It was then he realized how far and wide his works had spread, affecting hundreds and thousands of people all over.
    It was through these collection and recollection of experiences, the show Life Talk with Satya Mohan Joshi commenced for a span of three hours. With the centurion’s upcoming birthday in mind, the students prepared a Yomarigarland and provided everyone with the traditional sweet as a gesture of culture. Despite some minor technical and timing issues, the event was considered majorly a success as the centurion left with gifts and a huge smile on his face and the audience with an experience they aren’t likely to forget in a long, long time.

    Reported By
    Pradatta Thakuri, BoSS I Year