Nepal Bangladesh Internship Program

National College started its collaboration with one of the prominent institutions of Bangladesh, Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sanga (TMSS) in 2017.The strategic partnership under the capable leadership of the dynamic Founder and Executive Director of TMSS, Dr Professor Hosne Ara Begum, Ashoka Fellow and Mr Madhav Prasad Neupane, Principal, National College has been instrumental in many opportunities for both the institutions, none more beneficial to students than the internship opportunities at TMSS-- one of the largest NGOs working for women in Bangladesh and possibly in the world established in 1964. So far 14 students have completed interships from BDFin and BoSS. 

National College also started internship collaboration in 2019 with Gana Unnayana Kendra (GUK) in Bangladesh established by a group of dedicated social activists under the visionary leadership of Mr M. Abdus Salam, Founder and Chief Executive. GUK is working for a poverty free equitable society where justice, equality, human rights and dignity of all people are ensured. So far three students have completed their internships from this wonderful institution that works at the grassroots.

In both these collaborations NC is thankful for the mentoring given by Prof Dr Bijoy Prasad Barua, former professor East West University and also advisor to National College.

We look forward to start the program as soon as COVID issues get settled.

So far 14 students have completed interships from BDFin and BoSS