Message from Principal

Hello Everyone


I take immense pleasure and pride to share with you our joy unbound as National College reaches a very special milestone--25 years of establishment. As for me, personally, it is one of the most cherished moments of my life.

For a quarter of a century, we have dedicated our lives in preparing groundwork for building human resources suitable for meeting the development and social challenges of Nepal. National College has been doing this through Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) since 1999, Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) since 2006 and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) since 2013.

Despite the doom and gloom that surrounds us at present, we at National College have relentlessly pursued our goal of excellence and innovation in academia. We are unabatedly updating and upgrading ourselves to impart quality education today much in the same way we have been doing these past 25 years.

However, our dedication in body, mind and spirit would not have been enough if it wasn’t for the contribution of our partners, friends and well-wishers.

On this memorable day, I want to thank all the students, alumni, faculty, and staff for their effort to make this institution shine. It is the dedication of hardworking students, motivated faculty, and enthusiastic staff. I also like to thank the present and past Vice Chancellors of Kathmandu University and Deans of School of Arts for their continuous support and guidance. I also like to   express my gratitude to our Advisors for their advice which has helped the institution to move forward. At this particular moment I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the Partner Organizations, Research Grant’s providers, Guest Speakers, Research Project Supervisors, Internship providing Institutions, Mentors, Subject committee members, other key Academicians, and professionals for their very valuable support.


Thank you