Message From the Chairman

Warm greetings to you, students and parents!

 We are so glad to have this prospectus in your hands. You may have already noticed that, under the umbrella of Kathmandu University, National College has experimented with several innovative academic programs since its establishment in 1996. In developing these programs we have given utmost care to make our students intellectually competent, morally strong, socially committed and spiritually inspired. As a result, nearly 1200 of our graduates have demonstrated their leadership qualities in various organizations within Nepal and in different corners of the world.

You will grow with us over the next four years as we are equipped with well-developed academic programs, competent faculty and physical infrastructures. A lot of out of classroom activities are waiting for you including field trips to relate to your courses of study, sports activities, internships, guest lectures and a host of student initiatives. You will have the opportunity for independent research as each student is required to undertake project work during her/his fourth year of academic program. The research topic will be of your interest and the locations for research are wide open.

We are very eager to welcome you to National College. We assure you that we will leave no stones unturned in nurturing you to enable you to face the ever changing world more effectively.

Badri Dev Pande, PhD