NC takes internships very seriously. We at NC really believe that a stint at a relevant organization/institution can do wonders to a student especially if the student is planning to have a career in a specific field of interest.

Besides encouraging all students in all years to do short internships, our special focus is in the final year students. In the seventh semester, all the three programs have internships as an important and refreshing change. A student does internship for 60 working days at a reputed registered organization, the end of which requires an evaluation by the organization, along with an internship report presentation and submission to college. 

NC started sending its final year students for international internships in 2017. Since then, 20 students from BDFin and BoSS have gone to Bangladesh, Philippines and Thailand and successfully completed their internships.

Opting for international internships is optional and depends upon a student’s will and other contingencies.

BDevS students can also get this opportunity from 2022.


The main objective of this course is to give students first hand work experience in corporate organizations, different financial institutions, NGOs/INGOs, research organization and development institutions. By doing so, students will get familiarized with the professional working environments.

Course Description

As an intern, students will have to work under the supervision of a mentor assigned by the organization where students will make a deeper study on the specified areas. At the end of the internship students will have to write an operational report which will be basically confined on practical exposure with corporate and/or organizational systems.