National development is possible only when those with knowledge and skills get on the ground to touch and change the lives of the people around them. To me, this is the essence of successful education. National College has aspired to become an exemplary academic institution by engaging the students, faculties, and staffs with local communities and other stakeholders of development in Nepal. We believe that all its members will fully utilize professional skills and knowledge gained from the University for the upliftment of the country.

Honoring the 20 years of National College’s academic works and service to the society, I would also like
to place emphasis on the National College family, especially to the current and the prospective scholars,
on the importance of creating something valuable on your respective fields to the communities across
the country. The programs and the activities at National College are the tools for such creations.
I wish National College success in its endeavors, and pledge to provide constant support in its commitment to nurture the mission of our institution ‘Quality education for leadership’.

Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha




National College has been an important partner of the School of Arts at Kathmandu University ever since
it got affiliated with KU in 1996. Since then, the college has devoted itself in providing quality education
in the fields of Development Studies, Development Finance and Social Sciences.
Education in Social Sciences is getting more and more vital and essential to understand and analyze the
impacts of the rapidly changing socio-political and economic realities of the contemporary world. Our
own country’s ongoing transformation has made us realize that we need more qualified and skilled
human resources to be able to address and manage the developmental needs of this country. National
College is attempting to do exactly that, by producing trained and qualified human resources in this field
through the three undergraduate programs it offers.
I would like to extend my congratulations to National College for successfully completing 20 years of
quality education and wish the whole team a very bright future.

Dr Sagar Raj Sharma

Dean, School of Arts

Message from the Principal,NC

Message from the Principal,NC

Dear Students,

We believe that the purpose of education is to teach our students to think creatively and develop tactfully a capacity to reason out facts. We also believe that they should keep in mind the importance of planning and proper utilization of their time, which is essential to achieve success.

We at the National College have realized that academic programs will be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. Furthermore, the courses we have made are dynamic as well as contextual.

Based on the notion of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we at National College (NC) have been offering three different innovative academic programs in association with the Kathmandu University.

We have observed that during their studies, our students have been able to produce and bring wide range of opportunities for further research, entrepreneurship, and economic development through regular field works, project works, workshops, trainings, and seminars.

We realize that the development challenges are very stiff in today's world. Traditional resources, conventional thinking, and old technology will not be able to meet the challenges. We should explore new resources, come up with new and innovative ideas, modernize technology, and explore new approaches to boost up the paces of

You may take inspiration from the graduates of NC, who have achieved remarkable and outstanding success. But, it is ultimately the perspiration of your own hard work, determination, and dedication, along with innovative thinking, that leads you to success. The future belongs to you!

Madhav P Neupane


Message From Kathmandu University Topper 2013-17

Message From Kathmandu University Topper 2013-17

"Apart from exceptional academic facets, exposure to real development practice and procedures either
through site visits to nooks and corners of Nepal or numerous interactive sessions with development
practitioners is the best thing one enjoys at National College; to transform oneself from a beginner on
Development theories and issues to a competent individual in the field of policy and practice. National
College has been landmark to develop myself intellectually and be able to compete globally."

Mr. Arpan Gelal

Ex-BDevS student at National College