About Us

National College

We believe that the purpose of our education is to enable our students to think creatively and develop tactful capacity for better life. We also believe that they keep in mind the importance of planning and time management for achieving the success.

We at the National College (NC) have realized that academic programs would be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. Furthermore, the courses we have made are dynamic as well as contextual.

Based on these notions of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we at National College offer three unique academic programs affiliated to Kathmandu University.

We have observed that during their studies, our students have been able to produce a wide range of opportunities for further research, entrepreneurship and economic development through regular field works, project works, workshops, trainings, and seminars.

We realize that the development challenges are very stiff in today's world.

Traditional resources, conventional thinking and old technology will not be sufficient to meet the complex challenges of today. We need explore new resources, come up with new and innovative ideas, and modernize technology to accelerate the paces of economic development.

You may take inspirations from the NC graduates who have achieved remarkable and outstanding success. However, it is ultimately the perspiration of your own hard work, determination and dedication along with innovative thinking that would lead you to the success. The future belongs to you!


National College envisions becoming a Center for Excellence in South Asia in terms of integration of knowledge, skills, and behavior through studies, research, and practical works in the fields of social, economic, environmental, and development management for creating “Self-Reliant Citizens to form a Developed Society”.


Our mission is to prepare new generation of practical and visionary professionals who are willing to shoulder the responsibility of social and economic transformations for equitable and sustainable society.


The goal is to ensure that the students graduate from the National College Kathmandu to become productive citizens in today’s world with confidence and competence enriched with knowledge, skill and attitude in research, planning and management in the development sectors.


  • A brand name in nepal for the universally recognized innovative academic programs BDEVS, BDFIN, AND BOSS.
  • Expert designed scientific and practical courses that meet the contemporary global and local needs.
  • Cross-cultural learning environment (comprising of international students) 
  • Wide academic and career prospects through internationally recognized institutions networked with national college.
  • Faculty and the students working together for knowledge generation.
  • Well appreciated student support mechanism ensuring continuous progress.
  • Happy with the state-of-the-art infrastructure!
  • Beyond the Box learning opportunities:
  • Beyond College/ Curriculum (Extra- and co-curriculars)
  • Beyond Books: Guest Lectures
  • Beyond Classroom: Field Studies


National College Kathmandu is located in Dhumbarahi. It is 200 meter inside the Ringroad behind Shankha Park and encompasses more than 36,000 sq. ft, complying international and national earthquake resistance building codes and standards. The building has state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes:

Class Rooms

Class Rooms are equipped with multimedia and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning. They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students.

IT Infrastructure

The college has a computer lab with each system installed with the latest multi-user operating system and anti-virus software. Classrooms are fully networked. Wireless connectivity provides internet access to the students at their own convenience.


The college has a well-equipped library with a vast collection of books, journals, magazines, periodicals and newspapers. In addition, the library also subscribes for the JSTOR online resources that avail for free more than 500,000 public domain articles from more than 200 journals. (http://about.jstor.org/5things/)

  • Rooftop cafeteria
  • Wi-fi
  • Seminar Hall
  • College Society Room
  • Counseling Room
  • Modern Infrastructure Suitable for Differently able Individuals
  • Emergency Exits
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Sports Ground
  • College Bus
  • Sufficient Parking Facilities for Cars, Bikes and Bicycles

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