Stefan Luder, Germany

My name is Stefan Luder and I am a PhD student at Humboldt University, Berlin and project coordinator at the University of Marburg, Germany.
During my Bachelor studies, I spent a year abroad as an exchange student at National College in Kathmandu, Nepal. This was clearly one of the most inspiring experiences of my life! Since then, I value the academic excellence at National College and the vibrant student life on and off campus very much. In seminars, lectures and fieldtrips, I gained knowledge and skills, which are still of great use for my job and research today.

Ronia Sengfelder, Germany

In Germany, Munich, I studied social and cultural anthropology and in 2015 I came to National College to complete a semester abroad. In National College, I was signed in for BoSS (Bachelor of Social Science) but I also could join courses from BDevS (Bachelor of Development Studies). Because of the practical research experiences in the field with the courses, the discussions with the students and teachers in the class but also the experiences of everyday life in the college and Kathmandu itself, this semester abroad at National College was a very rewarding and important experience for me.

Lotta-Julia Lehti, Finland

I joined National College Kathmandu as an exchange student in Development Studies Bachelor’s program. When I applied to join for the National College to study Development Studies, I did not expect to learn something new about development, but to understand it in practice. Quite similar to my expectation, at National College, the focus is on more practical aspects than in the theories as done in the Western universities. One of the specific course requirements was the field trip to Chitwan, where learnings were brought to action. The field trip was inspirational, fun, but at the same time educational. This is something I would love to bring to my home university.

Joshua Mark Glover, Australia BDevS II Year, 2017-18

My semester abroad studying in the BDevS program at National College provided me with the perfect complement to my undergraduate study at The University of Melbourne. Case studies from Nepal, which would have been just words on a page in Australia, adopted a tangible and eye-opening dimension. I have grown significantly, not only academically, but also in my opportunity to connect with a cohort of Nepal’s future leaders.