BOSS Course Structure

(affiliated to Kathmandu University)
A. Mandatory Courses (Code, Title and Credit Hours)
I Year I Semester
Code I Year I Semester 16
ENGL161 English I (Writing and Vocabulary) 3
GEOG111 Introduction to Human Geography 3
SOCL111 Sociology I 3
ECON111 Introduction to Economics 3
NEPL111 Nepali I (Grammar & Writing) 3
COMM111 Seminar: Creative Writing 1
I Year II Semester
Code I Year II Semester 16
ENGL162 English II (Literature) 3
FRLN111 Foreign Language I# 3
ANTH111 Introduction to Anthropology 3
MAST111 Quantitative Methods 3
POLS111 Politics, State and Society 3
COMM112 Seminar: Oral and Poster Presentation 1
II Year I Semester
Code II Year I Semester 18
SOCL211 Sociology II 3
SOCL212 Social Mobilization 3
ANTH211 Indigenous People and Culture 3
PSYC211 Social Psychology 3
GEOG211 GIS in Social Science 3
FRLN211 Foreign Language II# 3
II Year II Semester
Code II Year II Semester 18
SOCL213 Social and Cultural Change 3
COMM211 Media and Society 3
SOCL214 Ethnicity and Social Inclusion 3
ECON211 Economics of Social Issues 3
POLS211 Introduction to Public Policy 3
PHILl211 Biography & Philosophy 3
III Year I Semester
Code III Year I Semester 18
SOCL311 Conflict and Society 3
SOCL312 Religions, Ethics and Society 3
ECON311 Globalization and Society 3
SOCL313 Law, Crime and Society 3
SOCL314 Women and Feminism Studies 3
POLS311 Governance and Social Accountability 3
III Year II Semester
Code III Year II Semester 15
PROJ311 Project Analysis and Design 3
SOCL315 Heritage, Tourism and Society 3
ENVT311 Social Impact Assessment 3
ECON312 Social Entrepreneurship 3
DEVS305 Research Methodology 3
IV Year I Semester
Code IV Year I Semester 15
SOCL411 Internship 3
Electives (select one area of three subjects) * 9
SOCL412 Research Planning 3
IV Year II Semester
Code IV Year II Semester 9
SOCL405 Project Work 6
SOCL407 International Relations 3
B. Elective Courses for Specialization (Code, Title and Credit Hours)

IV Year, I Semester

Area COURSE CODE Course Title Credit Hours
Demographic Sociology SOCL413 Rural sociology 3
SOCL414 Urban sociology 3
SOCL 415 Sociology of Migration 3
Development Anthropology ANTH411 Anthropology of Modernization 3
ANTH412 Anthropology of Technology Development 3
ANTH413 Anthropology of Natural Resource Management 3
Social Policy PHLT 411 Health Concept and Policy 3
ESCP411 Educational Policy 3
HRGT 411 Human Rights 3