National College Student Aims for UNICEF

  • National College Student Aims for UNICEF

    • 24 Feb 2019      Aastha Mahato ( BDevS 2018-22 )
    National College Student Aims for UNICEF

    My name is Aastha Mahato, currently a Bachelor in Development Studies student at National College Kathmandu. I am originally from Janakpur Dham, located 135 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. Born and grown up in a place very famous for the holy Janaki Temple and the love, kindness, and sacrifices of Janaki, goddess Sita, I must have incorporated those cultural values of love, kindness, and sacrifices for the good of society.

    My family consists of five members. With my parents, we are three siblings always with a close knot of sibling love. Growing with my younger siblings, playing also with my juniors in school, I had this love of kids and innocent young humans. I do love my younger siblings too much and make the funniest moments whenever I am with them. This love of children and also my interest in leadership and social service engaged me in child club in Janakpur when I was in school. I was the secretary of my district child club in Janakpur.

    I also took a number of trainings related to child rights, child supports, and children empowerment. Some of them are CFLG, sustainable development goals, and trainings offered by the government of Nepal, UNICEF, UNDP, Save the Children, and Plan International. Taking these trainings, I got knowledge and information on various national and international issues related to children.

    These experiences, interest, information, and connection with children and children’s issues have now become a solid foundation for me to seek a career in the UNICEF. I have a big dream that some day I will be working at the UNICEF. I have a bing dream that some day I will also have a blue plated car given by the UNICEF. But, the biggest dream for me is that some day I will have this personal love of children and passion for working for them transfer into a professional life of providing children related awareness services through the UNICEF.

    Since the UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs, and to expand their full potential, and also since I am a Bachelor in Development Studies student at National College that is well preparing my leadership and training skills, development, project management  related knowledge and skills, I am quite optimistic I will achieve my professional goal of working in service of children through the UNICEF.

    My interests in interacting with new people, especially with children, experiences of working with several children related organization, skills learned through education and training, and knowledge about children and development projects through these organization and the Bachelor in Development Studies courses at National College Kathmandu, will, altogether qualify me as a trainer in the UNICEF.

    Finally, one important thing I shouldn’t miss mentioning in this short note is my Papa. I always saw him working in the governmental sector of Nepal empowering children and women. Everybody thinks their papa is the best. Mine is the best also in the sense that he is a perfect program officer at the Central Child Welfare Board. His works and ideas always inspire me.

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” he inspires me.

    • Author : Aastha Mahato

      Class : BDevS 2018-22

      Edited By : English Faculty