NC Kathmandu Student Aims to Become a Wildlife Conservationist

  • NC Kathmandu Student Aims to Become a Wildlife Conservationist

    • 17 Feb 2019      Shikhar Acharya ( English Faculty )
    NC Kathmandu Student Aims to Become a Wildlife Conservationist

    Hi! I am Shikhar Acharya, a Bachelor in Development Studies student at National College Kathmandu. I belong to an admirable family of 5. Born and raised in the largest metropolis and capital city of Nepal - Kathmandu, I completed my school education from Jugal English School and Unified City College. Driven by my deep interest in wildlife conservation and sustainable development practices, I joined the Bachelor in Development Studies program in one of the best colleges of Nepal - National College Kathmandu.

    National College is the only college in South Asia to introduce this internationally recognized and demand driven program that focuses on sustainable development and practices, environment protection, and the roles of humans and society for the safety of this beautiful planet. Now, I am only in my first year undergraduate level studies opting my aim to work for the wildlife conservation, especially for the safety of the endangered species quite optimistic about the prospects of the Development Studies courses and the National College services.

    Before I joined this program, I think I had some exposure to the alarming situations of wildlife and the endangered species while travelling far and wide with my parents. My dad just loved to travel and so did I. Travelling with him, I got the chance to explore many places of my country sooner than I had imagined, because most of my life’s 20 years’ time has passed in this valley of Kathmandu where there is a rare exposure to wildlife. In course of those country trips with my dad, I fell in love with animals and wildlife more than anything else.

    This love of animals grew more passionately in me as I grew older. With maturity, I got to know the reality of wildlife. It shook me from inside when I became familiar with the situation of wildlife all across the globe. There were many big issues like illegal animal trade, animal poaching, habitat loss, climate change, corruption, and human interests in all these. The dark side of wildlife and the 23 billion dollar trade destroying our planet often started scaring me too as I am also the bead of one huge garland that knots all the species of the planet. I would often read and watch news about human intervention on nature leading to mass species extinction never seen before!

    Out of this background, I decided to do something for the innocent animals’ protection that was ultimately also our protection. I took training with one of the national guides of Chitwan National Park being his assistant for 3 months and learning animal behaviours, their habitats, knowledge to confidently patrol the forest environment, providing awareness programs to near based community forest, doing conservation activities, and keeping track of current statistics of wildlife poaching nationally and internationally. I still go to national parks each year just to learn more about animals and hope of getting glimpses of animals I’ve never seen.

    All what I have done are merely the starting, I guess. My strong desire to learn about ecology and wildlife in every form and preserve it in a sustainable manner must take me far ahead. To keep me inspiring, to train me through the processes of environmental protection, and to show me the interrelations between environment, economics, and social behaviours, the Bachelor in Development Studies program has already been a green gate. The courses are so dynamic that the faculties could maneuver the topics by reflecting on the contemporary issues from the local to the global levels.

    Excellent reading, writing, and critical analysis skills of English, the most relevant knowledge of Ecology and Environment, and the interrelated practices of economics and sociology I am getting here at National College Kathmandu are the indicators that my journey to pursue my dream of working for wildlife conservation, and becoming an endangered species biologist or a wildlife conservationist, saving the lives of thousands of innocent souls, will soon turn into a reality.

    • Author : Shikhar Acharya

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