From National College to the United Nations: A UN Career Through College Education in Nepal

  • From National College to the United Nations: A UN Career Through College Education in Nepal

    • 19 Feb 2019      Marvi Neupane ( English Faculty )
    From National College to the United Nations: A UN Career Through College Education in Nepal

    Hi! I am Marvi Neupane, currently studying Bachelor in Development Studies at National College Kathmandu. I am from Battisputali, Kathmandu.
    Living in a nuclear family, I have a very close connection with my family members and a similar bonding in between nations could create sound international relations. Like the personal relations we have with family members, school friends, and college mates, the nations should opt to build good international relations and that is what I want to study and work for in my future.
    Before I came to National College Kathmandu, I completed my schooling from DAV School and Modern Indian School, Chohbar, Lalitpur. It is said that school is our second home where we spend one fourth of our day, and the schools I was in had a huge impact in making me who I am as an individual.
    During my four years at National College, I want to learn as many technical things as possible related to development studies. Some simple skills could be computer packages, internet and networking, camera and videography, academic and technical writing, writing for websites and communication, etc. I hope I will be able to reach some reputed national and international organizations through the National College network and exchange programs, and the possibilities are already visible these days.
    Even I haven’t spent a year at National College, I have seen so many prominent figures from the development organizations visiting to our college and the college seniors sharing their experiences of visiting abroad, taking part in the university exchange programs, spending a number of days and learning in an intercultural setting. This fact makes me feel that I am also going to be one of those students visiting Japan, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, or Philippines for my internship and project work, and learn international relations in advance.
    The real world experience I can get through such exchange programs will prepare me in advance regarding the issues in between different countries and different cultures. So, I am keenly looking forward to taking part in these activities at National College and after graduation, I want to do Master’s in International Relations and work in the UN.
    I know I have to focus on my studies, volunteer works, active participation in college activities so that I will be noted by the exchange program managers, learn interacting with people, which I lack as I am like an introvert. I also want to overcome this introvertism which is my weakness. The constant family support, which is my greatest strength, and the anticipated support from the college will together take me to my goal of working in the UN.

    • Author : Marvi Neupane

      Class : English Faculty

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