From Karnali Province to National College and the Entrepreneurial Dream

  • From Karnali Province to National College and the Entrepreneurial Dream

    • 27 Feb 2019      Hari Pokhrel ( BDevS 2018-22 )
    From Karnali Province to National College and the Entrepreneurial Dream

    Hello friends! My name is Hari Bhakta Pokharel. I was born in Surkhet district of the Karnali province of Nepal and got my school education in Kathmandu - secondary level from Deepjyoti Secondary School Kathmandu, and the higher secondary from Southwestern State College. After a gap year, I joined National College Kathmandu to study the Bachelor in Development Studies program affiliated to the Kathmandu University.
    Before coming to this college, my academic and personal life was with ups and downs. I am the youngest child of my parents who would work hard in fields and forests garnering agricultural products and managing our study costs. I feel grateful and also obliged to my parents that despite a low income, they afforded my private school education in Kathmandu schools.
    Even going to school was not out of obstacles. When I was merely a child, Nepal was in a kind of civil war between the Maoists and the government. Our family was also affected by this war. The Maoists captured all our land and house. Our family became a refugee in our own country. As a little child, I couldn’t understand why this happened to our family. After I grew up, I came to know my father belonged to one political party.
    Even though our property was seized by the Maoists, even though our economic condition at that time was very poor, and even though no one in our family had a job, my parents supported my studies. They had a dream of making me an engineer. Normally parents in Nepal give such dreams to their children. My parents were also not the exception. They would constantly force me to study engineering. But, I felt that I am not into a confined technical program.
    Of course, I sometimes have this feel of guilt that I didn’t join engineering that was my parents’ dream career for me. I can recall all those hard days they underwent for me. However, I am also determined not to let them down. As an independent entrepreneur, I will be able to establish my own identity in the society. The Bachelor in Development Studies program, the wide ranges of activities going around at National College Kathmandu, and my own effort in bringing innovation in enterprises, will definitely remove that guilt on my part and disappointment my parents must have had on me.
    Written by: Hari Pokhrel, Bachelor in Development Studies student, batch 2018-2022 at National College Kathmandu
    Edited by: Nimesh Lamsal, English Faculty at National College Kathmandu

    • Author : Hari Pokhrel

      Class : BDevS 2018-22

      Edited By : BDevS 2018-22