Failure Is Not Fatal-My First Semester at National College

  • Failure Is Not Fatal-My First Semester at National College

    • 05 Jul 2019      Aastha Mahato ( Bachelor in Development Studies, 2018-22 batch )
    Failure Is Not Fatal-My First Semester at National College

    The first semester is over? Is it? Really? I realized this when I am writing about my first semester experience now - in the second semester. There is a lot I can remember. There is a few I want to forget! Definitely, people want to remember good things and have to forget the bad ones! But, I have a different view about good and bad, or about success and failure in life. While I succeeded in some parts of the semester and failed in others, I think that even those failures have a great deal to teach me, and the major lesson I learnt is - Failure is not fatal!
    Most of the time we are afraid to fail. We have this attitude since our childhood. Everybody teaches us we have to get success, we need to become first, we have to stand out. Everywhere we receive such an advice, sometimes even forcefully. With a similar suggestion and expectation from my family I may have stepped to National College, one of the best bachelor colleges of Nepal. With a hope to succeed in the field of my interest, I also gave my efforts in reading and writing and in college activities. And, yes, in the conventional sense of of success and failure, sometimes I succeeded, other times I failed.
    Since college is an investment of our precious time and lots of money, we don't want to waste either one by failing at it and wanted to become a successful student. Success for me is accomplishing or achieving my goal, my purpose. College students who choose to further their study in college is an important step to being successful, and successful college students in start from choosing the right subject of their interest. I also have chosen the subject of my interest - Development Studies and I am a freshman student now.
    My student life, the most beautiful period of anyone's life, was with a combination of success and failure. I believe that success is not final, and failure is not fatal. Rather, it is the courage to continue that counts.The journey with ups and downs has already started. As I am always passionate about working with and for children, my papa had suggested me different colleges to join, but my final choice was National College located at Pragati Tole, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, which has now become my big step towards my successful life and my dream, which makes my life to pull towards my goal of my life.
    My main purpose to join National College, one of the best bachelor colleges of Nepal, was to study the Bachelor in Development Studies as it mainly focuses on development sectors and specially this course contains Social Development in the fourth year under which comes Child Rights. This is my main field of interest. Joining National College, one of the best bachelor's colleges in Nepal, became a life changing experience for me. I have felt a boosted up confidence within myself and drastic personality development all due to the dynamic exposure that I got here.
    Looking back at the first semester here, the journey began last August and I still remember my first class was Ecology and the second English. With the progress in the semester days, the college time became more interesting to me. Sometimes I could kiss success while other times I lost the battle of overcoming my anxieties. I still remember the first introduction sessions where I did not introduce myself to my friends, but I got to know more who I am and how I became who I am. The lesson is that I am the product of my family, my schooling, and the environment which altogether inculcated in me the values and spirit I am still pursuing.
    If you ask someone “Who are you?” , and “What do you do?”, they generally introduce their name and in which field they are but the thing is what they don't know about themselves clearly. In the first semester, I got to know myself first. I tried to find the answer to the questions like “Who am I?” “What can I do?” and “For what purpose am I studying BDevs at National College?” The introduction part and the presentation in English sessions made my confidence level high and also helped me make the topic clear to my audience.
    From the first field orientation, the first presentation in front of my classmates about myself and sharing my personal experience with them, to performing in very first event of college conducted by first year students from all faculty students “Innovision 2018,” cultural shows at the SAF events, one day field  visit of ecology class at the Central Zoo Jawalakhel, Sundarijal field visit made me capable at interacting with the public in friendly and local way.
    The field trip to Methinkot was even more knowledgeable for us. As we went to the rural areas of Methinkot and interacted with the local people, their lifestyle, economic activities, educational level, the rights and duties, how they spent their time and many more, made us know more about the life of people living there. As I was born and brought up in the city area and had never experienced life like that, it was even more significant for me to know about the rural life and people of my own country because I will have have to work in these very areas in the future.
    I participated in various events in college which helped me know the different faculty members, seniors and the environment of our college. It gave me an opportunity to know different persons in college. I danced in college 3 times and did drama  and also got the Best Play Actor in college. As time doesn't wait for anyone, the first semester  passed within 6 months and now I am in the second semester. But the journey is still going on. I have to complete all the 8 semesters and have to learn many more things in each one. I hope in each stage I will balance success and failure because without failure I can't succeed in my life.

    • Author : Aastha Mahato

      Class : Bachelor in Development Studies, 2018-22 batch

      Edited By : Nimesh Lamsal, English Faculty at National College Kathmandu