2015 Nepal Earthquake Survivor Joins National College; Says: “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!”

  • 2015 Nepal Earthquake Survivor Joins National College; Says: “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!”

    • 28 Mar 2019      Sadikshya Dahal ( BoSS 2018-22 )
    2015 Nepal Earthquake Survivor Joins National College; Says: “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!”

    “Mom! Where are my new shoes that you bought me the day before? I’ll wear them today.”

    These were my last words I thought myself being a normal girl. That day was far from being called a normal day. The sun was like on a holiday. I still have a fresh picture of the worst nightmare of my life.

    The nightmare had started at 11:55 am on the cloudy day of 12th Baishakh, 2072 BS. Everything was like normal and out of nowhere the whole world started shaking and dancing like a drunk man. I could barely know that it was a massive quake until my sister pushed me away from the wall.  But, unfortunately it hit me and blank …

    That day I was not lucky enough to make it out with my so called normal pairs of legs and the normal body. My new shoes? I was collapsed with the walls of those roads. I was clueless what happened beyond my consciousness until I opened my eyes on the hospital bed with my pairs of legs wrapped in the white ribbon and hand! So many kilos just to pull my broken bones. It was wrapped on white bandage and layers of plaster - like a widow being wrapped on a white saree begging for a normal life again.

    I never thought about where my life was going. From normal to half paralyzed to wheelchair to walker to so called disabled person; my life is going on. I’m the younger daughter of my parents. I was born normal, but the 2015 earthquake didn’t let me be normal. I am abnormal now. My world was on wheelchair for almost 8 months but I don’t want just to be limited on the wheelchair. I just don’t want to stare at those blank ceilings with my colourful dreams and aims. So, I decided to walk anyway.

    And yes! I was able to walk after a few months with the help of the walkers. Now I’m 75% okay if I compare to those wheelchair days or the days in the hospital. Being abnormal from a normal person, I have lost something, the normality, and have earned something, some knowledge and some good visions of life. The most important thing I learned is you shouldn’t give up. You are your creator and your own destroyer. If you are willing to achieve something, you’ll achieve it - sooner or later.

    With a shorter leg these days, my society still tags me as a disabled person and shows pity on me. I even hear such remarks like, “Who’ll marry her?” “What will she do in her entire life with one short leg?” And even, “She’s not comfortable even with her leg, how will she handle her life?” I have to accept all these remarks that are reality. But, I answer them softly and positively. I never tag myself as a disabled person. I have become mentally stronger these days.

    In my all of these sufferings and struggles, there was my family. So, I consider my family as my backbone. What I’m now, the 2015 earthquake survivor, is just because of them. So, I’ll make them proud. I’m happy with my life and will make my family also happy. The lesson I have learnt, “If life pushes you back, be strong enough to push life back and win the battle! Be the warrior who wins!” I’m happy with my broken bones.

    With my new determination and mental strength, I’m working for the youth campaign called “Yuwanilkantha” which is youth oriented. It has already taken shape of an organization now. It is associated with Budhanilkantha Municipality.

    My future is not certain. However, I see many old people on the roadside. They even don’t get proper care. So, I have always wanted to help them. Maybe I’ll be opening a day care center for the old people where the old parents are kept for certain hours and handover to their family who can go to office and finish their works and come back to receive them. Thus, the working family members can do their jobs and also the old parents can get proper care in the absence of their family members.

    I hope I will get success on this plan. I want to be a positive influencer for the people near or far to me. As an earthquake survivor, I collect strengths from my own experience.

    • Author : Sadikshya Dahal

      Class : BoSS 2018-22

      Edited By : English Faculty