Course Structure of BDFin

130 Credits over 4 Years, 8 Semesters

I Year, I Semester18I Year, II Semester19
Micro Economics [ECON 102]3Macro Economics [ECON 201]3
English I [ENGL 161]3English II [ENGL 162]3
Financial Accounting [FACC 101]3Financial Management I [FMGT 101]3
Nepali I [NEPL 105]3Basic Calculus and Applications [MATH 132]3
Basic Linear Algebra and Applications [MATH 131]3Nepali II [NEPL 106]3
Concepts & Theories of Development [DEVS 101]3Innovation in Development Finance [DFIN 121]1
Statistics [STAT 105]3
II Year I Semester18II Year II Semester18
Business Communications [DEVS 201]3Taxation and Applied Accounting [FACC 201]3
Financial Management II [FMGT 201]3Introduction to Econometrics [ECON 202]3
Principle of Management [PMGT 201]3Financial Market & Institutions [FINS 202]3
Organization & Human Behaviors [PSYC 205]3Investment & Financial Instruments [FINS 205]3
Statistics II [STAT 205]3Marketing Management [MMGT 202]3
Nepalese Financial System and Regulation [FINS 211]3Monetary Economics [ECON 303]3
III Year I Semester18III Year II Semester18
Human Resource Management & Development [DEVS 301]3Research Methodology [DEVS 305]3
Public Finance and Economic Assessment [ECON 301]3Private Sector Development [DEVS 307]3
International Finance [FINS 302]3PMGT 311 Project Management3
ECON 304 Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise3ECON 403 International Trade3
FINS 401 E-Commerce3DFIN 422 NPO Management3
ECON 322 Natural Resource Economics3FINS 404 Risk and Insurance3
IV Year I Semester12IV Year II Semester9
DFIN 401 Internship3DEVS 405 Project Work6
DEVS 411 Integrated Project Impact Assessment3FINS 403 Regional Financial System & Services3
DFIN 405 Business Proposal Development and Writing3
DFIN 416 Cooperative management3

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