National College, since its beginnings in 1996, has maintained the same education philosophy that some timeless attributes of leadership, skills, intuition, ambition and humility will always be the pillars of developing better human resources.

Our approach in pursuing this philosophy is evident in the approach we have adopted in offering path breaking interdisciplinary courses that bring on faculties from diverse walks of life. This in tandem with field studies and opportunities in participating in training, workshops and seminars of national and international level has the potential of transforming you in realizing your ambitions.

We believe interdependence, agility and flexibility would be the new norms. In fact we can see that right now happening. Our flawless effort in conducting online classes and evaluation and smooth research activities are standing testimony of collaboration even in crisis.

Every crisis is an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. This is the aptitude we have been trying to inculcate in our students.

We are honored in having like minded institutions as collaborators and partners and are thrilled by the good news we get every year of our graduates doing well at home and abroad.

National College