Shashank Poudel
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

My time in National College, Baluwatar were best years of my life. It helped me to adapt my daily life to the rapidly changing social and political scenario of the country. It taught me that change and development takes time and all we have to do is - be hopeful.

Pranav Adhikari
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

I distinctly remember the day I entered national college as that was the day my life changed forever and the day July was 7, 2006. I was just fresh out of +2 waiting for my result and wondering what subject to chose as I knew that whatever subject I was going to chose from here on out will determine my future forever. So like most student do I looked at various colleges and subject and in the process of doing that I landed up at the gate of National College. Once there I got to know about this new course called Development Studies and was amazed by the variety of subjects that was covered by the course from sociology to economics to environment. As I heard all these I immediately decided that this was the subject for me and got admitted to the college and that was the best decision I have ever made in my life. The college not only gave me the knowledge on the subject itself but it gave me a variety of skills beyond the books which has helped me to compete and standout in the competitive job market of present time. Today I am happily working as a researcher for one of the reputed organization of the country and everything that I have achieved so far in my career and life is all thanks to National College and for that I am eternally gratefully to National College.

Pratick Paudel
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

The Nepal Japan Exchange Program, brought in by National College proved to be an ascending step, both in my personal and professional life. The experience was one of a kind; completely new and embedded with variance of flavors such as: Cross Cultural Experience, First Hand Research Practices, exposure to manifold manner of institutions. With an addition to that, it gave me an opportunity to build friendship with the Japanese people who bear a culture as rich as ours and at the same time, carry with themselves the perspectives of the First World Citizens.

Yajaswi Rai
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

Students’ society is a student wing of National College established to prosper the experience of college life helping us to engross in the opportunities as a student and further endeavors. DFinCo and BoSS Forum are some of the examples of the entities of Students’ Society, which have helped the students to live up to what they have learned in their college.

Manisha Bhattarai
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

At National College, I not only learned about the theories and concepts of development but also got an opportunity to grow up personally. Field trips, team works and presentations in the class boosted my confidence and helped me to overcome my shyness. Interaction with teachers and classmates motivated and helped me in developing my critical thinking skills. Today I work as a Learning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at SAP-DEC where I frequently need to interact with different stakeholders, analyze and write reports and make presentations. I enjoy my job and I thank National College for being my stepping stone for where I am today.

Sourav Dhungana
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

I express my gratitude towards National College for awarding me with Toppers Scholarship valuing my academic performance. This has encouraged me to continue with my dedication to gain in-depth knowledge in development sector for addressing global problems. Being a part of National College, I have been able to broaden my horizons on ongoing contemporary issues from multiple dynamics.

Priya Sigdel
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

It’s not only about academic but more about extracurricular activities in my college that have given me the platform to enhance myself whether it is sports or public speaking. I have found that exposure here in this college, to hone my other skills too.

Sudeep Kandel
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

As per the course requirement of 'Bachelor in Development Finance' in senior year, I worked as a Market Research Officer (MRO) at Whittaker Associates. Based in Holland, Michigan, USA, Whittaker Associates is a business consulting firm which provides economic development, real estate and B2B services. This experience has helped me to gain an insider perspective on consulting services in United States and beyond.

Gopal Trital
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

My Research Project entitled “Effectiveness of Awareness Campaigns by Civil Society Organizations on the Implementation of Right to Information Act (2064) in Nepal” required me to travel and stay at Haraiya VDC of Bara district for my research proceedings, thus, inviting substantial financial costs. Since budget is one of the most important and influencing factors that could determine the quality of research in terms of flexibility for the researcher, the challenge to meet financial burden, being a student, would have negatively affected my research proceedings. The generous financial support through Manorama Memorial Grant has helped me address this challenge, thereby, encouraging me to carry out and concentrate on my Research work with best of my abilities. Further, the Grant award has conferred a sense of recognition to my Project work, which, I believe, has been the prime motivational factor for my entire research.

Paris Tamang
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

We were taken to Bandipur for a field visit and the experience wasn’t just mediocre. The place was breathtakingly beautiful and everyone could relate but as students of Bachelors of Social Science, we were able to relate aspects of the society there, to the theories we were familiar with at the classes. Along with the most supportive faculty, we surely had our mischievous, serious, goofy and fun times but we didn’t just enjoy, we learned a lot and at the back of our heads we all had this realization that we were all social scientists in the making.

Bijeta Bhandari
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

Guest lectures are perhaps the most enjoyable part of studying BoSS. Not only do we get a chance to learn from the guest lecturers, who are usually experts in their respective fields, but also get a first-hand listening experience and interactive sessions with them.

Udeep Regmi
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

Transforming the concept of development into a more practical and on-field experience through its multi-dimensional coursework and diverse domain knowledge of its faculty has helped to outclass development studies alumni in development field. I realized the same when I started my working career – proficiency in field research, better understanding of grassroots scenario, critical thinking and analysis skill, report writing, collaborative team work have indeed equipped me with a new set of eyes to carry on with my passion of sustainability.

Dikshant Uprety
Update Date : Aug 17, 2016

National College provided me a platform to discover my own abilities. The college provided a congenial atmosphere for academic upbringing which allowed me to explore my own intellectual abilities both while I was studying there and when I was working professionally later in life.

Santosh Pandey
Update Date : Jan 12, 2015

'Doctor treats one patient at a time and leader treats thousands.' This was the line that hit my mind. I left the dream to become a doctor and pursued my passion. I got SAF scholarship and joined BDevS in National College. National College is helping me to enhance my leadership skills and broadening my knowledge by practical and research based education.

Dema Tshering
Update Date : Jul 24, 2014

I am glad that I got SAF scholarship to pursue BDevS in National College. The curriculum is based on theories and research works in a way that the students get to study different aspects of society. Field trips helped us get a pure knowledge and clear images about society as a whole. We are encouraged of thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. Dema Tshering, Bhutan

Aishwarya Rani Singh
Update Date : Jul 22, 2014

The two years in the college has molded me into a person much better, with better understanding, capabilities and skills. Having built a capacity to see environment around you with the broad spectrum, and not just from one perspective is something which makes me feel proud as a student of this college.