Message from the Principal,NC

Message from the Principal

We believe that the purpose of education is to teach our students to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should be able to keep in mind the importance of planning and proper utilization of their time, which are essential to achieve success.
Academic programs will be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. Similarly, the courses should be dynamic as well as contextual.
Based on the notion of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, National College has been offering three different innovative academic programs in association with Kathmandu University.
During the studies, students have been able to produce and bring wide range of opportunities for further research, entrepreneurship and economic development through regular research works, project works, workshops, trainings and seminars.
In today's world with limited resources, the development challenges are very stiff. Traditional resources, conventional thinking and old technology will not be able to meet the challenges. We should explore new resources, come up with new and innovative ideas, modernize technology and explore new approaches to boost up the economic development.
You have to take inspiration from the graduates of National College, who have achieved remarkable and outstanding success. But it is ultimately the perspiration that is hard work, determination and dedication  along with innovative  thinking  that will lead to success. The future belongs to you.
Madhav P. Neupan