Message from the Dean, School of Arts, KU

National College has been an important partner of the School of Arts at Kathmandu University ever since it got affiliated with KU in 1996. Since then, the college has devoted itself in providing quality education in the fields of Development Studies, Development Finance and Social Sciences.
Education in Social Sciences is getting more and more vital and essential to understand and analyze the impacts of the rapidly changing socio-political and economic realities of the contemporary world. Our own country’s ongoing transformation has made us realize that we need more qualified and skilled human resources to be able to address and manage the developmental needs of this country. National College is attempting to do exactly that, by producing trained and qualified human resources in this field through the three undergraduate programs it offers.
I would like to extend my congratulations to National College for successfully completing 20 years of quality education and wish the whole team a very bright future.
Dr Sagar Raj Sharma
School of Arts, Kathmandu University