Life Talk

With the beginning of the year 2016, the National College students have initiated the "Life Talk" series.  It is an innovative platform where inspiring, untold life stories of the leading personalities from different walks of life get unveiled in front of audiences and recorded to be webcast through the YouTube channel of National College.  On the occasion, the personalities who have achieved and contributed to the society share their stories of joy, accomplishments, sorrows, difficulties, hardships and their journey towards success trumping different hurdles.  In the four chapters, the outstanding personalities have shared their life experience full of struggle, and encouraged the audiences for positivism and optimism.

Chapter I: 'Sir of the Himalayas
The guest for the first session held on 7th April 2016 was Mr Binod Shahi popularly known as 'Sir of the Himalayas'.  He shared his stories of choosing Dolpa as a destination to educate the kids who are not fortunate enough to get the proper education infrastructures. He runs totally Nepali funded schools in upper Dolpa with the help of volunteer teachers from different parts of Nepal.  He emphasized on the point that we need to choose social development over social service if we really want to develop our country.  "Every one of us has that inner eye of Buddha, the need is to direct in the things which can have better contribution for the society', he said.

Picture: Binod Shahi responding to Darshan Parjuli at the 'Life Talk' interview session

Chapter II: 'New Look into Nepali films'
In the second session held on 9th May 2016, Mr Nischal Basnet, an actor, director, producer and singer, was the guest.  Throughout the show the participants paid attention to various stories of Mr Banset who has been contributing his whole heart and effort to bring positive change in the Nepali films and Nepali Film Industry.  Also, he stressed on the fact that there were no regrets in life and we should not call it regret, rather we should define it as an experience that we had felt in the past, and also mentioned that whatever he is today, it was all because of those experiences.  Shining from the "Loot" movie, he responded that he was actually frustrated from the Nepali movies, trailers, and fight scenes at that time, was even sad looking at the cinematography that hurt.  Motivated from those frustrating items, he had committed himself to making a Nepali film according to the changing time and space, and he had directed for the movie "Loot" which had made a positive history in the film market.

Picture: Nischal Basnet receiving a token of love from Principal Madhav P Neupane

Chapter III: LGBTIQ Outlook
The third session held on 11th June 2015, Bhumika Shrestha, an LGBTIQ advocate, a youth activist and an event manager at the 'Blue Diamond Society', was invited as a guest.  Bhumika Shrestha clarified the full-form of LGBTIQ as 'L' for Lesbian, 'G' for Gay, 'B' for Bisexual, 'T' for Transgender; 'I" for Intersex and 'Q' for Queer or Questioning.  In short, she mentioned that an LGBTIQ right is the right of such people who can enjoy in society like other people do.  Responding to the comment that persons would be beaten and sometime get even death just because they belonged to the LGBTIQ community, she remarked that public awareness in the matter had been gradually spreading in the Nepalese society, and it has been very less torture to be an LGBTIQ person in Nepal compared to many other countries in the world.  Recalling her childhood, she mentioned that though she was born as a boy, she had identified herself as a girl, and had started behaving like a girl such as showing affinity towards make-ups and jewelry.  She also clarified that LGBTIQ is not a problem in itself rather the problem is in the attitudes of some people who think LGBTIQ in negative sense. 

Picture: Bhumika Shrestha explaining the LGBTIQ rights

Chapter IV: 'Book – the Best Friend'
The fourth session of 'Life Talk" held on 4th of July 2016 was graced by a popular Nepali writer, Mr Buddhi Sagar. Known for his award winning novel, Karnali Blues, Mr Buddhi Sagar explained that it was a small library in his neighborhood where he could borrow comics and detective novels by paying three Rupees a day.  While in the remote areas of Kalikot, he started writing poems for radio stations and later newspapers to get them broadcasted and published.  He has been inspired by the broadcasts and publications of his creations, and even more so by the prizes for his gazal in Bhaktapur, and the national prize for his poem in 2008.  Being very sentimental, he expressed that sometime in our lives we would not have people we love the most to witness our success, so we must do our best in whatever we could while our loved ones were with us.  Responding to a query, he remarked that reading literatures of all kinds was the best way to enhance your writing skills.  He also added that to be a professional and full time writer you need not quit your job, rather it would be realistic to test a few publications while on the job.

Picture: Buddh Sagar expressing his feelings to Priya Sigdel

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