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Life Talk
With the beginning of the year 2016, the National College students have initiated the "Life Talk" series.  It is an innovative platform where inspiring, untold life stories of the leading personalities from different walks of life get unveiled in front of audiences and recorded to be webcast through the YouTube channel of National College.  On the occasion, the personalities who have achieved and contributed to the society share their stories of joy, accomplishments, sorrows, difficulties, hardships and their journey towards success trumping different hurdles.  In the four chapters, the outstanding personalities have shared their life experience full of struggle, and encouraged the audiences for positivism and optimism.....
Graduate of the Month
National College, Baluwatar is celebrating 20 years of ‘Innovative Education’ this year. To commemorate this occasion it is recognizing its successful students as ‘Graduate of the month’ to bring the stories of its graduates at National College, their choice of career and some practical advice to choose the best career options in which one graduate will be honored starting from June 2016. The main purpose of this program is to connect between past student and currently studying students of National College, which helps to know about their past of life and learn about their struggle and experience to become success in life and to come in this position. ....
युवा माझ युवा नेतृत्व Radio Program
Among many reasons for backwardness and underdevelopment of Nepal, many believe the main reason is the inability and lack of commitment of existing older generation of leadership. The existing older generation of our political, economic and social leadership is believed to lack the vision and commitment to build the better and developed Nepal. There is wider belief that young population can play an active role in the advancement of the society and make a difference in all development endeavors across the country. ....