Understanding Dolpa - An Internship Reflection

As a part of internship program offered by Bachelors of Social Science course affiliated to Kathmandu University, I went to Martin Chautari as an intern with an objective to learn the work place and the work. I joined on 7th September, 2017 and worked till November 26, 2017. Martin Chautari is a research center in Nepal registered as Non- governmental organization. Being a student of Social science and exploring the field of social science research under my curriculum, I found the organization very much relevant to my subject of interest.
As an intern, I was assigned to translate and transcribe interviews given to me in the form of audio. The recorded interviews were from Dolpa. I was also given the platform to analyze the translated data. I began my work as a starter and I was able to complete it from guidance of people in the organization.
I was new to the work as transcribing and translating was my first time. To get a flow in my wok while translating and transcribing the recorded interviews took some time. My job became easier and I got the track of work with the help of people in Martin Chautari. The organization were open to mentorship for students curious to learn. I came to learn about the techniques of translation and transcribing from the seniors in the Chautari.
From the interviews I translated, I came to learn different dynamics and discourses in Dolpa. Data analysis part of the job was more productive for me as it was relevant to research works I have done in my previous semesters. Getting a qualitative data, I was able to learn the techniques to analyses and comprehend it.
Doing an internship, I came across my own strengths and weaknesses. One major problem that I would like to highlight which I encountered during my work of translation is of not having strong Nepali vocabulary. On the same side, my experience with research tools and data analysis tools in college curriculum became my strength to complete the work more effectively.
In Martin Chautari, it was not just the work but the place that contributed to my self-development. The organization was highly academic and everyone in the place encouraged mentorship. Discussions and conversations in office room with other senior staffs in different topics, I could actually explore different areas in social sciences. Similarly, I got a platform to participate in research series carried out every Sunday and discussions series carried out every Tuesday. Attending the workshops and listening to experts enriched my knowledge in various issues. I also got an opportunity to have conversation with people from different sectors who came for the research series and discussions.
Overall my internship journey in Martin Chautari was proven very effective for my academic career as a student. I was able to explore the workplace, different subject matters in social science, learning skill of translating and transcribing and techniques of data analysis. For me the internship was my first step to understand the workplace in professional way and to get clear picture of my academic career.
Anushma Kadel, BoSS - 4th Year

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