Selfies: A New Age Photography or a Passing Trend?

Selfies are the photographs taken by self. It has become more popular in recent days, mostly among the youths. Selfies are commonly shared in various social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and others. ‘Selfie’ was the 2013 Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year and thus has created a wide impact on social media sites across the internet.
Though a new trend, I don’t think that selfies can be regarded as the ‘new age photography’. Photography is an art which has its own rules and follows its own laws. Selfies stand out as a revolutionary force with respect to established values of photography. It can be simply considered as a passing trend which comes and goes with time. There were many such trends in past, and many are yet to come in future. For example, backward caps were ‘trending’ in the late 90’s and 2000’s but it’s almost faded nowadays. No one wear their cap backward, or say, it’s outdated. A trend is something that everybody is doing/wearing. Selfie too, has been very popular in recent days. Not only youths, we can see the trend of selfie among the adults and children as well. Also, growing with the selfie trend is another trend of ‘pout’ (When a male or female puff their lips out & having a straight face) We can find many people pouting while taking selfie. These trends have managed to involve many people but this cannot be claimed that they would last long. The interest of people often leads to jump from one trend to another.
The trend of selfies has earned both positive and negative feedbacks from the society. A Common Sense Media Survey shows that over 1000 teens between age 13 to 17 years old, a percentage of 1 in 5 teens felt more popular, confident, and more self-esteem about themselves when using a social media website while only a 4% felt worse about their appearance and themselves.
Sociologist Ben Agger describes the trend of selfies as "the male gaze gone viral", and sociologist and women's studies professor Gail Dines links it to the rise of "porn culture" and the idea that sexual attractiveness is the only way in which a woman can make herself visible. Some recent reports suggest that selfie trend causes damage to social lives of people as well. There has been several problems associated with the selfie trends such as psychological issues, health problems (germs, diseases, and illnesses), misuse of selfies on the internet, injuries and deaths caused by selfies.
With such a mixed review in the society, selfies cannot be considered as the modern age photography, but it is just a passing trend. It can continue for certain period of time, but has no certainty in long run. 
Pratik Shrestha, BoSS 2016

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