Guidelines for Internship Report Format BDFin

National College
Guidelines for Internship Report



The main objective of this internship course is to give students first hand work experience in corporate, financial and development organizations.  By doing so, the course intends students to get familiarized with the professional working environments.
Course descriptions
As an intern, a student will have to work under the supervision of a mentor (internship supervisor) assigned by the organization where he/she will make a deeper study on the specified area.  At the end of the internship students will have to write an operational report which will be basically confined to practical exposure the intern had with corporate and organizational systems.

Internship Report Presentation and Defense

Upon completion of the internship at the institution, a student will prepare a report that will be reviewed by the intern supervisor and/or the research officer.  The intern student will also make a presentation on the basis of the internship experiences and findings to the Internship Evaluation Committee (IEC) constituting the internship supervisor, R & D Officer, the Program Coordinator and the Principal.
The date of presentation will be scheduled in the week following the end semester examination.
The steps to be taken toward concluding the Internship Report Presentation and Defense process include:
1) Submit the completed unbound draft Internship Report to the R & D Officer for initial review in the stipulated time as provided by college.
2) Work with the R&D officer to determine the day, time, and location of the Internship Report Presentation and Defense.
3) The date of the Defense will be at least three days before the deadline for submitting the final spiral bound copies to the college.
4) When the Defense has been completed and the IEC has approved the final completed Internship Report, the Committee signs the Approval Sheet—all this carries the 40% evaluation that goes from the college. Meanwhile the rest 60% evaluation is done by the Internship supervisor (mentor) which then completes the 3 Credits of the course.
5) The original along with three other copies of the final Internship Report must be submitted to the college by 1 pm on the day designated as the final day of submission.

 Introduction to the Manuscript Format

The submission of the Internship Report is one of the main steps in the program leading to the completion of the BDFin. The report is a scholarly statement of the results of the student's internship work. The BDFin Program has established guidelines for uniformity in the format of the manuscript. These guidelines were designed to ensure that all papers were high in quality and consistent in the arrangement of the contents.
The Internship Report must be a professionally finished work in format, style, spelling and appearance, as the finished document reflects the quality of both the student and the University. Failure to follow the instructions may result in either rejection of your Internship Report or revision.

Arrangement of Manuscript

  1. Cover Page
A sample of the cover page will be provided by the college. This cover page and last page will be blue in color. It will be followed by a same type of page but in normal paper.
  1. Certificates
A Declaration certificate will then follow. Then this is followed by a certificate approving the work done. It must be with the original signatures of required members of the Internship Report Committee. These pages are numbered in small Roman numerals, but the page number is not displayed. The date on the approval will depend on your internship semester. A sample will be provided by the college. Then will co me the copy of the Organization Letter (OL). These three pages are counted as ‘i’, ‘ii’ and ‘iii’ but not displayed in the page itself.
[Visit Library to see how these certificates are worded and kept in the report]
  1. Acknowledgement
After the copy of the OL comes the page to acknowledge the individuals and/or institutions that were of help in conducting various activities and phases during the internship tenure. This is page number ‘iv’ and this is the page from where the page number can be displayed.
  1. Table of Contents
The report is expected to have a Table of Contents for the convenience of the reader. If plates or illustrations (i.e. maps, diagrams, charts, photographs, etc.) are scattered throughout the text, include a separate List of Figures or Table of Illustrations after the Table of Contents. Small Roman numeral must be used as page number.
  1.  Executive Summary
An executive summary must be included with each copy of your internship report. The executive summary must (a) state the problem or problems that you worked on; (b) describe your activities; and (c) summarize the findings.  Limit it to a single page in length. It should be double-spaced, using only one side of the paper, and should be within the internship report margin requirements.  Its pages should be assigned a place in the small Roman number sequence just like the preliminary pages, but the numbers can now be displayed on the pages themselves.
  1.  Text
The format for the text of the thesis-style Internship Report follows. Its first page, typically the first page of either an introduction or a first chapter, should be numbered “1” in Hindu numerals.
Chapter 1 Introduction
The purpose of the Introduction is to introduce the reader to the problem. The Introduction should contain a concise statement of the problem and an outline of the scope, objective, and nature of the research along with a brief introduction of the institution where the study is carried out. It should be titled as CHAPTER 1—and likewise to other chapters.
Chapter 2 Literature Review
A review of the literature pertinent to the subject should be discussed and used to provide context for the internship report.
Chapter 3 Methods and Methodology
The purpose of the Materials and Methods is to recount, in a concise form, the materials and/or data and methods employed in the research. It should also include sufficient information so that the study could be repeated by others as well.
Care should be exercised not to include superfluous information. Also, extreme caution must be used to avoid including results and/or conclusions. The research methodology, hypothesis testing, if any, and limitations of the study, all under project procedure, are the essential constituents of this section.
Chapter 4 Results
The results reflect the findings of the student's investigation only, not the findings of other researchers in the area. This is a summarized form of extensive data that may appear in figures, tables and/or appendices.
Chapter 5 Discussion
The Discussion section is for an analysis of the data acquired. In this section, the student may draw comparisons with findings of other researchers in the field or even speculate to some degree and, if appropriate, suggest additional research.
Chapter 6 Conclusion & Recommendation
The Conclusion is penultimate brief statement which draws together the objectives and findings of the entire research project. Care should be exercised to draw conclusions pertinent to the problem and to avoid personal bias. It is followed by the recommendations.

Reference & Bibliography

The style and format of this section will normally depend on the common practice of reference and bibliography writing.
A last section may contain supporting data for the text in the form of one or more appendices. Examples of appendix material are data sheets, questionnaire samples, illustrations, maps, charts, etc. If the appended data should include oversize illustrations or maps appropriate alternative methods of inclusion could be used.
Key Formatting Elements in Preparation of Final Copies of the Internship Report
1. Number of Copies
Each candidate shall submit the original and three (3) other complete, signed and spiral bound (you may have them bound at a local copy shop).
The copies will be distributed as follows:
Original: Kathmandu University
Copy 1: National College
Copy 2: Self
Copy 3: Internship Mentor (if required)
2. Paper
 The original Internship Report must be printed on standard size, white, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, unpunched, non-glossy, non-textured acid-free paper of twenty (20) pound weight, 100% rag content. The three (3) copies must be clean photocopies on at least 20% rag content, acid-free paper. (Your internship report will be on file for a time that may stretch into hundreds of years, and acid-free paper is essential to prevent premature deterioration.) Only one side of the paper should be used. Erasable bond types of paper are not permitted. The paper must be of the appropriate grade, acid-free, plain white, with no ragged edges.  A laser printer is recommended.
3. Fonts
The font should be Times New Roman in size 12. However, as might be required somewhere, font and its size could be altered while always keeping in mind the formal nature of the report. Nonetheless, consistency in font is vital.
4. Corrections
Make corrections with the greatest care. 
5.   Spacing
Use double spacing throughout except in footnotes, indented quotations set off from the text, bibliography entries of more than one line, and materials such as captions or tables and appendices of data.
6. Margins
Every page of the internship report must be kept within margins set as follows:  A minimum margin of 1-1/2 inches (for binding purposes) on the left side of the page; 1 inch at the right side; 1-1/4 inches at the top and bottom of the page. Any page submitted with less than the minimum margins will be rejected.
7. Justification and Hyphenation
The internship report will have a straight-line left margin and a ragged right margin, with no word of the text less than one inch from the right edge of the paper,  nor even a single letter of a word.   The right margin may be justified (straight) if this improves appearance and legibility. Do not end a line of a page with a hyphen.
8.   Pagination
All pages except the declaration, approval sheet, and OL page are numbered.
The first item on the Table of Contents list will be the Declaration. The pages from Introduction will have Hindu numerals (1, 2, etc.). The page numbers that are displayed must be centered at the bottom of each page, within the bottom margin.  Note that no words, punctuation, or diacritics of any kind accompany the page number: it says “4”, not “-4-” or “4.” or “Page 4”.
Deadline for Final Submission
All students must submit the original and all other copies of their final Internship Report to the college by 1 pm on the day designated as the final day of submission (the college will provide this date).