Bachelor of Social Sciences (KU)



Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) is a new unique program designed to address the holistic study of social sciences offered by National College in affiliation with again Kathmandu University. It focuses on the dynamics of the society and the social change incorporating the subjects like Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science and Governance. This program reflects the contemporary dynamics of Nepalese and global society.


BoSS is based on semester system covering 4 years, spreading over eight semesters.
Each semester consists of 16 weeks of intensive study, theoretical and practical. The program covers 129 credit hours.


The main mission of this program is to produce social researchers, policy analysts and social entrepreneurs.


The program attempts to equip its graduates with necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to analyze the policy and work as social change agents. It intends to develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication and gain understanding of contemporary Nepalese and global society.


BoSS program is designed to address the need of holistic study of social dynamism rather studying each of the social sciences individually. Social Sciences are inter-related to each other and the integrative study provides the students a complete picture of society with National, Regional and Global Perspectives.


BoSS graduates will have job opportunities in the Social Organizations, Policy Institutions and Research Institutions, I/NGOs, Government Organizations and Private Sectors. They will also be able to work as independent researchers and social entrepreneurs. BoSS graduates are qualified for Masters in Sociology, Anthropology, Culture, Philosophy, Social Psychology, International Relations, Public Policy, Master in Development Studies (MDevS), and socio-economic related interdisciplinary programs, and many others.