Bachelor in Development Studies (KU)



Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) is an internationally recognized and demand driven program offered by National College and affiliated to Kathmandu University. The program focuses on Sustainable Development and Practices. It is an Interdisciplinary study of Economics, Sociology, Environment, Development Management and Research.

This programme is based on semester system, which covers four years, spread over eight semesters. Each semester consists of 16 weeks of intensive study- theoretical and practical. The program covers 127 credit hours. 


The main mission of this program is to produce sustainable development practitioners, entrepreneurs and researchers.


The program attempts to equip its graduates with necessary Knowledge, Practical Skills on GIS (Geographical Information System), Impact Assessment, Project Management and Evaluation, Development Research and Community Mobilization. 


BDevS courses are conceived by the development experts, practitioners and academicians with inputs from the local communities and international professionals. The course combination addresses the development issues of developing countries like Nepal with the regional perspectives of South Asia.  The courses are dynamic so that the faculties could maneuver the topics by reflecting on the contemporary issues from local to the global levels within the outlines of the syllabus.

There is a high need of sustainable development practitioners in developing countries like Nepal and graduates of BDevS become the one. BDevS graduates have got job opportunities as independent research works, NGO/INGOs, development projects, government organizations, donor agencies, corporate sectors and self-employment. They are qualified for Master in Development Studies (MDevS), Master in Sociology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Human and Natural Resource Management, Regional Planning, International Relations, Development Management, and other  socio-economic related interdisciplinary programs including MBA.