Bachelor in Development Finance (KU)




Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) is a highly demand driven and professional academic Finance Program offered by National College and affiliated to Kathmandu University. This program is designed based on sustainable Finance and Economic Development, and is internationally recognized.
The courses  ensure a high degree of flexibility covering wide range of courses from Concepts and Theories of Development, Economics, Financial Management, Investment and Entrepreneurship.
The program is based on semester system, which covers 4 years spreading over eight semesters.
Each semester consists of 16 weeks of intensive study- theoretical and practical. The program covers 131 credit hours. The curricular structure includes Business Finance, Economic Development and Research & Entrepreneurship.


The main mission of this program is to produce Financial Analysts, Development Entrepreneurs and Researchers.


The program attempts to equip its graduates with necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to analyze the nature of Financial Institutions, Project Management and Entrepreneurship Development. It intends to develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication and gain understanding of Contemporary Nepalese and Global Economy and Financial Markets.


BDFin course adopts Interdisciplinary framework incorporating Business Finance, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. Courses like Financial Management, Investment and Market along with International Finance give the solid foundation of Business Finance. This foundation is further supported by the subjects like Mathematics, Statistics and Accounts. Inclusion of subjects like Concepts and Theories of Development, Economics, International Trade, Public Finance and Natural Resource Economics will lead to sustainability in Development, subjects like Micro-enterprise, Micro-finance, Private Sector Development, and Business Proposal Development will support the students in building their Entrepreneurship skills. Management skills are enhanced by subjects like Principle of Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Project Management. Combinations of Research Methods, Applied Statistics, Econometrics and Impact Assessment along with Independent Project Work enhance the vital Research Skills to the higher level.


BDFin graduates will have job opportunities in the Financial sectors (Banks and Insurances), Microfinance and Cooperatives, Enterprises Development Institutions and Research Institutions within Governmental, Non-Governmental and Private Organizations. Also, as independent researchers and business entrepreneurs, the graduates can excel. Graduates of BDFin are qualified for Masters in Finance, MBA, and Masters in Economics, Accounting, Development Finance, Development Management, MDevS and so on.