युवा माझ युवा नेतृत्व Radio Program

युवा माझ युवा नेतृत्व Radio Program

Background and Introduction

Among many reasons for backwardness and underdevelopment of Nepal, many believe the main reason is the inability and lack of commitment of existing older generation of leadership. The existing older generation of our political, economic and social leadership is believed to lack the vision and commitment to build the better and developed Nepal. There is wider belief that young population can play an active role in the advancement of the society and make a difference in all development endeavors across the country.
In this pretext, National College, an academic institution providing innovative development education since last 20 years propose to begin a Radio Program named युवा माझ युवा नेतृत्व” in order to bring the youth leaders from different walks of life in interaction with youths of different parts of Nepal. This program will share the youth leader’s vision of New Nepal and their plans for solving myriads of problems country is facing. The program will also be modeled to provide opportunities to the youths not only to interact with the youth leaders of various political parties, organizations, business houses but also will get the platform to suggest their creative ideas on development, social mobilization or even social re-engineering which can be used by the youth political leaders to create their plans and programs for New Nepal.

Program Module

The youth leaders from different political parties (one in one program) will be invited to have interaction with youths from different colleges of Kathmandu Valley. The host of the program will introduce the youth leader and will ask the invited leaders some specific questions related to the current political, social and economic activities, fundamental problems of the country and the visions of the youth leader to change the existing situation. The participants will have opportunities to ask questions and to provide creative suggestions to the youth leaders. The listeners of the radio program from different parts of the countries will have opportunity to send their questions or suggestions in the form of email or SMS or the voice record which will be mediated by the program host.


The major objective of the Radio Program is to let the youths of this country to interact with the youth leaders and to know the visions and capabilities of these leaders to transform the course of development in order to make Nepal a respected, prosperous and peaceful nation. This program also aims to let the youths know the nuances of leadership skills, tools for social mobilization and the challenges for youth leaders within their own parties and within the larger political scenario of the country. Another important objective is to help the youth leaders to sense the pulse of the youths of the country and vice versa. 

Target Audience

By the name itself, it is clear that the primary audience of this program will be the youth with the age group of 18-30. However, the secondary audience will be everyone who has interests on the political developments and visions of the youth leaders of different political parties.

Program Frequency and Timing

The program is planned to be aired twice a month. The time for each episode will be 45 minutes.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of this program is to create a healthy debate among the youth leaders and the youths of the country thereby creating an environment in which the youths will be clear about the vision of youth leaders from different political parties. The youths will feel directly engaged in the different aspects of politics in the country. At the same time the leaders will also be able to sense the expectation of the youths and also can benefit themselves from the creative ideas in different fields from the youths.