•     The only college in South Asia to introduce Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS),  Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS)  programs for the first time
•     589 students (BDevS 458, and BDFin 131) have graduated from the College


Message from the Vice Chancellor,KU
Knowledge is required for elevating the living standard of a community, and creativity is indispensable for sustaining businesses.  The local custodians generate innovations once they are entrusted for managing their own resources that are attached to their livelihood.
Message from the Dean, School of Arts, KU
Education in Social Sciences is getting more and more vital and essential to understand and analyze the impacts of the rapidly changing socio-political and economic realities of the contemporary world. Our own country’s ongoing transformation has made us realize that we need more qualified and skilled human resources to be able to address and manage the developmental needs of this country. National College is attempting to do exactly that, by producing trained and qualified human resources in this field through the three undergraduate programs it offers.
Message from the Principal,NC
We believe that the purpose of education is to teach our students to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should be able to keep in mind the importance of planning and proper utilization of their time, which are essential to achieve success.
Academic programs will be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. Similarly, the courses should be dynamic as well as contextual.

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Life Talk
With the beginning of the year 2016, the National College students have initiated the "Life Talk" series.  It is an innovative platform where inspiring, untold life stories of the leading personalities from different walks of life get unveiled in front of audiences and recorded to be webcast th...
Graduate of the Month
National College, Baluwatar is celebrating 20 years of ‘Innovative Education’ this year. To commemorate this occasion it is recognizing its successful students as ‘Graduate of the month’ to bring the stories of its graduates at National College, their choice of career and some practical advi...
युवा माझ युवा नेतृत्व Radio Program
Among many reasons for backwardness and underdevelopment of Nepal, many believe the main reason is the inability and lack of commitment of existing older generation of leadership. The existing older generation of our political, economic and social leadership is believed to lack the vision and commit...

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Our Team

Prof. Dr. Dal Bahadur Adhikary
​Planning and Development
Ukesh Raj Bhuju
Academic Director
Ujjwal Upadhyaya
Asst. Program Co-ordinator
Academics and Examinations
Damber Raj Bhatta
Assistant Program Coordinator
Academics and Training
Indresh Sharma
Research Officer
Ritu Sharma
Planning and Development Officer
Tulsi Ram Poudel
Administrative Officer
Santosh Pandey
Assistant Promotional and Counselling Officer
Rabindra Shrestha
System Incharge
Raj kumar Maharjan
Library Incharge
Urmila Dahal
Office Secretary
EK Bahadur Gurung
Security Guard
Narayan Bdr Karki
Security Guard
Binu Pariyar

Student Bodies

In 2011, NCHE Alumni, an association of alumni of the College graduates has been formed with an objective to promote the message of the academic programs offered by the College.  Under the aegis of the Association, a tracer study of the ex-students has been completed in 2014.
Student Society
Development Study Society (DevS Society), established in 2000, has been an integral part of the College.  It is a forum for professional dialogues between and among the faculties, scholars and students on contemporary developmental issues.  The Society annually organizes intra and inter college competitions on sports, music and fashion shows.
Development Finance Cooperative (DFinCo) is a prototype cooperative model established by the students pursuing Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) at the college in 2015 with a motive of creating opportunity of practical experience on the operational procedures of a cooperative.  Its capital fund has been created with savings deposited by  students and matched by the college management

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Exchange Program

NextGen Youth is a fellowship program of National College in association with South Asian Foundation (SAF) - Nepal and YONSED awarded to the students of higher secondary schools (particularly of Class 12 and A Level) since 2015.
National College students joined the students and faculty of  John Hopkins University in climate change study and research work in different parts of  Nepal including Kathmandu, Pokhara, and  Dolakha in 2015.
Designed in 2005 and materialized since 2006, an Exchange Program has been successfully continuing between the students and faculties of the National College and three universities in Japan, namely Tokyo City University (formerly, Musashi Institute of Technology), Sacred Heart University, and Waseeda University.

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